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  • 5 Tips to Become a Successful Social Entrepreneur

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    The desire to change world can be tempting to the extent that you want to do it yourself. A social enterprise is one such way you can launch a startup business to fulfilling your mission of serving people. Every year, a number of social entrepreneurs launch a startup business to serve their role in bringing about a positive change in society.

    Starting a business as social entrepreneur is no different than launching any usual business. Just like a regular startup venture, you will need a vision, capital, people and resources to invest in your social enterprise. All this requires you to be more than just a social worker and you need to come out as a strong-willed, flexible and versatile entrepreneur to make your ambition a reality.

    But, if you lack skills with starting a social entrepreneurship, let us help you with these 5 expert tips:

    1.       Keep Your Cause Bigger Than Your Self

    A social mission is always bigger than the self. When you launch a social enterprise, you first need to prepare yourself for the road ahead. There will be sacrifices, discomforts and heartbreaks. As a committed social entrepreneur, you should always give your ambition priority without letting your ego or self-interest come in its way.

    Your success as a social entrepreneur relies upon your resilience to bear the personal discomforts that come with a running social enterprise, such as financial stress, deprivation of sleep and other personal sacrifices. Therefore, it is important that you align your priorities in line with your ambition.

    2.       Pitch About Viability of Your Social Entrepreneurship

    Unless you are a business savvy, you will struggle with convincing your funders with viability of your social enterprise. As you will be competing with other social enterprises, you have to come up business-oriented approach to persuade financiers that you deserve their money.

    You need to create a business plan to demonstrate to your funding body in order to incentivize them that your project will be a profitable venture.

    3.       Share Your Vision With Stakeholders

    When meeting with potential investors, it is important that you take them into confidence about your future plans and goals you want to achieve with your social enterprise. Being transparent with your cause authenticates your credibility and reinforces belief of investors to put their money in your project.

    Therefore, it is important that you share with them every nitty-gritty details of your social enterprise and how you envision it to become a success.

    4.       Partner With Bigwigs in Your Industry

    With increasing number of organizations affiliating with social causes to demonstrate their social-friendly approach to business, it gets easier for social entrepreneurs to get funding for a social project.

    Therefore, you need to partner with big businesses to let them know that they have a chance to make a social impact by investing in your business. What you need to do is partner with bigwigs in your industry and then build their confidence them about why they should become a part of your cause.

    5.       Motivate Your Team

    A successful social enterprise owes half of its success to financiers and half to its team. Once you get financiers in your pocket, you need to train your workforce to become a productive part of your business. Do not just put your time and money to polish their hard skills and always look for opportunities where you can inspire them to engage in your mission with all their heart and soul.

    Launching a social enterprise can be a challenge if you lack right skills and expertise which are characteristics of a businessman. Hope, the above-mentioned 5 tips will guide you to successfully establish a social enterprise.

    About Author:

    Skornia Alison works as a social media manager at an online service that offers essay help uk. When she’s not circling or tweeting friends, she loves writing blogs on career, leadership, mentorship and entrepreneurship.


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