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  • 5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Web Consultant

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    So, you have a massive project with a rapidly approaching deadline, and you have no idea how you’re going to do it all alone. Often, even the savviest business people need to hire outside help to complete important but time-consuming projects. Hiring a web consultant can help to lighten your load and provide you with empowering insights. Proficient content developers know what captures and retains the attention of readers. However, there are several things that you should consider before hiring one.

    Business leaders value consultants for the variety of skills that they bring to the table. Remember, it's important to find a consultant who possesses the skills that you need. Take the time to fully understand the kind of consultant that you need for your project, and hire the best person for the job.


    Studies show that visitors decide whether to stay on or leave a website in less than three seconds. This makes well researched and written content especially important. Before choosing a web consultant, keep the following tips in mind.


    1. Check Their Experience and References

    You should gather as much information you can about potential consultants’ work and portfolio. Consultants should be able to demonstrate how they successfully attracted website viewers and driven desired actions. Don't be afraid to ask questions and investigate to find out information about projects that they’ve completed. Try to find projects similar to the one that you need to complete and then determine what strengths set your consulting candidate apart from other experts. For example, a consultant may have experience with social media, worked with major brands or created and developed a captivating project. When checking references, ask questions that reveal how the consultant works and how well they collaborate.


    2. Advertising Matters

    United States consumers are exposed to more than 5.3 trillion advertisements every year, making it critical that you hire highly competent creative talent that can help you promote a positive brand image, reach your consumers and stand out from the crowd. When posting advertisements for a web consultant, start by thinking about the type of professional that you'd like to hire. For example, do you need a consultant who develops content with the technical slant or a more business minded angle? Before hiring a consultant, you should know who you're working with and their capabilities. Your web consultant should be able to develop quality content, know how to promote it and have the knowledge and experience to help you design and create an effective marketing plan.


    3. You’ll Need SEO Services

    As search engine optimization (SEO) evolves, the roles of content developers and SEO specialists blurs. Online marketers need unique, high-quality content to rank well in Google search results. You must know your audience, their preferences and how they read your content. Well-written, optimized content produces a quantifiable return-on-investment. One prevailing concept, regardless of technological advances, is that high quality, in-depth content and exceptional copywriting skills will always hold value for businesses. As time goes on, high-quality and SEO optimized content will grow increasingly relevant.


    4. It’s All About Data and Credentials to Lead With

    Today's leading enterprises collect and analyze data to produce meaningful reports that help them accomplish their goals. The web consultant that you hire should be able to analyze data, perform analyses and make recommendations. With the rise of data and technology, people who are educated in newer fields are often more successful. Make sure you check their resumes and credentials, and see what skills and education they have that can help you. MBA graduates are increasingly needed, in many areas of management and consulting to help lead in fields. Make sure candidates have proper communication and negotiation skills, and can effectively manage your business and data needs.


    5. Know the Average Web Consultant Rate

    You should have a general idea of what web consultants are charging before speaking with candidates. Use online resources such as and others to gauge current rates for freelance web consultants. Additionally, you can ask your consultant’s references how much they paid for similar projects and what services you should expect. When finalizing project details, make sure that you have an established budget and clearly defined expectations.


    It's a good idea to get an outside opinion and learn new things by working with a web consultant. A positive and beneficial relationship with a consultant can yield long-term results, generate more website traffic and increase profits. However, you must be willing to learn new concepts and invest time into implementing your consultant’s recommendations.


    There are benefits and disadvantages to working with consultants. Ultimately, you must take your chances and find out what works for you. Most importantly, hire someone who you believe that you can work with and feel confident in their abilities.

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