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  • 5 Tactics to Supercharge your Link Building Outreach

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    When you are browsing the internet looking for information about SEO you will come across three main aspects i.e. content, links and user experience. According to Google, links and content are the two major ranking factors when it comes to SEO.


    What is Link Building?

    Link building is the process of getting other relevant website links and linking your website in order to increase your website’s referral traffic and site’s authority. Link building continues to be one of the major factors in Google’s algorithm. as search engines determine which sites rank for which keyword. Hence, sites with more backlinks get higher rankings.


    There are two ways in which you can build links to your website. You can either do with natural link building which is time consuming but is likely to have a good impact on the SERP or black-hat SEO which might result in banning your website from the search results.


    It is always good to maintain a healthy link profile which means the links must be earned and not purchased and they should come from authoritative pages and relevant sources. Let’s have a look at a few link building tactics.


    5 Tactics to Supercharge your Link Building Outreach


    Content-based link building



    The process of obtaining a collection of inbound links from other websites. This involves creating compelling, unique and high-quality content that people would like to refer to. The content can also include an infographic, a data visualization, a how-to guide, video or an image gallery. This can help you reach out to a lot of people and earn links.


    Guest Blogging



    Guest blogging refers to the act of approaching other websites to publish your content in their blog. This is done in order to earn links and build your website’s authority. When it comes to guest blogging the first thing you will have to do is find websites that are relevant to yours. You can do this by performing a google search by replacing keywords that are relevant to your industry.


    For e.g., keyword “submit a guest post”; keyword “guest post”; keyword “accepting guest posts”. You can also check out your competitor’s backlinks by using tools like the open site explorer or you can simply do a google search by typing in the domain name followed by “guest post” which will show the sites your competitor has written for.


    Ego Bait



    Ego Bait is a web marketing tactic where you can mention a person in your blog post in a positive way. The main purpose of doing this is to make that person promote your post by sharing it on social media. Here your main target should be a blogger who has an active social network and his audience should like yours. Here is how ego bait link building works.


    First, you should come up with content that is similar to your website and the content can be written in such a way that it includes much detail about the person or website you feature. Once you have published the post you can email the bloggers to spread the word that they have been featured in your blog. Finally, make sure that you follow up with the bloggers you have featured in your content.


    Broken Link Building

    It refers to finding resources that are relevant to yours but are no longer live and recreating the content with a view to reaching out to the webmasters of that content asking them to replace the broken link with the link for the new content you have written.


    Link reclamation


    Finally, link reclamation. It refers to finding out opportunities where a site or a blog refers to your brand but doesn’t link back to your website. There are different types of link reclamation strategies such as 404’s. These links point out the pages on your website that are no longer available. One site explorer is considered a good tool to find these pages. And the other is non-linking images where you can find websites that have posted your images without attribution.


    Tools such as TinEye and Google’s Image Search help you find those who have published your images and help you get the attribution. Link Building is one of the major aspects of SEO, it is not easy, but it is worth it. The above 5 tactics can help you in a great way in increasing your website’s referral traffic and site’s authority. If you want to increase your website’s authority you can look out for reputed digital agencies.

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