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  • 5 Examples Of AI And eCommerce Partnership: How Well Are They Doing?

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    Whether you are a hardcore tech wiz or just a casual tech fan, you must have heard of AI or Artificial intelligence. Whether we are talking about Alexa or that face recognition lock on your phone, it’s all AI magic. 


    The fun part about AI is that technology is widely applicable. It’s a funbox of technology that can be applied in many industries in a different way. Here, however, we are going to talk about AI application in E-commerce. If you are thinking about creating your own E-commerce website, then you have to read through, cause you want the AI application on your website as well. 



    AI is improving the E-commerce world every day. It is the solution to maybe not all, but many problems that riddled the e-commerce world for so long. But now those problems are easily solved with Artificial intelligence. Here are 5 ways how AI is changing the e-commerce world. 


    Search Is Now Customer-centric

    The first reason why a customer would abandon shopping on your e-commerce platform is because of irrelevant search results. 


    And that’s why customer-centric search results with the help of AI is becoming so important. Rather than showing customers the results based on what’s on offer, the customer-centric search results show the customer results based on what kind of products they have looked for before. So make sure when you are planning all the features before E-commerce web development process, you consider including customer-centric search result 


    Personalization Is The Key

    Personalization is one of the keys to e-commerce. AI takes a multi-channel approach to E-commerce and helps with deeper personalization on the e-commerce platform. It’s not only about the search results or showing the customer the relevant products. With the application of AI, you can create a better standard customer view by optimizing the website with better personalization strategies that help in increasing sales. 


    Reinventing Inventory Planning

    Whether you are in the actual retail world or in the e-commerce world, you will know that planning and stocking the inventory is one monumental task. If you mess up the inventory, then your e-commerce business is doomed. And that’s where AI can help you. 


    It can help you to keep track of the inventory easily, and let you know when you have to restock on things. Artificial intelligence can regulate the velocity and frequency of the orders and help you with better inventory managing techniques. 


    Retargeting The Target Customers

    Before you talk to any e-commerce web development services, make sure that they can and will integrate the AI technology on your website. Because AI can help you not only make the customer’s shopping experience better, but it can also help you to retarget the old customers. 


    It is no secret that reaching all of the possible leads is quite tough for a company. More often they won't be able to engage with a possible lead because of the volume of leads they have to deal with. And that is where AI comes in play. 


    With AI you can send them targetted emails when there are any offers on products they usually look for on the platforms. Retargetting potential customers like this make it a lot easier for you to grow your business. 


    Best Kind Of Customer Support

    Where there is a customer, there needs to be customer support. The matter of customer support is important in case of an e-commerce business and AI has a solution for that as well. With the help of Artificial intelligence, you can create Chatbots, that is able to simulate conversation with human users on the internet. And these chatbots are one of the best ways of providing your users with better customer support. 


    The application of new technology in existing industries is showing us new ways of dealing with the problems we have been struggling with for a long time. And AI is one of those new technologies. With the application of AI in e-commerce platforms, both the vendors and the customers are benefitting. So when you hire an e-commerce website development company, Make sure that they can help you with AI integration on your e-commerce platform. 

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