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  • 5 Easily Accessible Web Development Tools You Should Know

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    Each and every business requires a fully featured website with suitable applications to help potential customers use it conveniently. The website designed at the end relies on the web development tools that are used in the process. The choice of the tools may be made as per the host you want the website to be compatible with. There are a lot of web development tools that help in developing and administering a website more efficiently. A reputed web design firm will use the best tools for web design and development. The choice of the tool is also reliant on the operating system as there may be add-ons or additional options. The compatibility factor needs to be considered as well.


    1. Adobe Dreamweaver: A Serious Web Design And Development Tool

    Even if you don’t know coding, you can still create a website with Adobe Dreamweaver. The Dreamweaver CC program is extremely useful for those who are web designing novices and beginners. However, you need to learn CSS and HTML if you want to implement the best web design techniques. It has a drag-drop feature which is easy to use. The software program is also useful for the web design professionals who want to write codes via the window displaying design views simultaneously. It is easy to identify errors courtesy the code highlighting feature. Some of the useful features are code validation, file manager and easy checks. If you have to design various sites, Adobe Dreamweaver will be really helpful indeed.


        2. Blueprint carrying CSS framework  

    Looking to design a website from scratch? With the Blueprint web design tool, you can build applications and websites with the use of the latest techniques. You can build responsive websites with the Blueprint tool in CSS framework. With the tool, you may minimize the overall CSS code. There is no need to write excessive CSS codes when using the tool. However, this may be possible when you implement styles used by developers such as page layouts. With the tool, you can have the blueprint of the website along with the overall architecture, design and content.


      3. Use Yola To Build A Basic Website

    If you want to build only a basic website, use the Yola web development tool. Just pick a template and fill out basic forms by putting in certain information. After you have the blueprint or an outline of the website, make use of editing tool to fine tune the website. You may also integrate third party services into your website like Flickr, Google Maps, PayPal, Picnik and others. The web-building tool is available for free. But, if you need extra templates and more features, you may take a subscription of $100. Indeed, Yola is the answer for professional and basic website designs at reasonable costs.


      4. Jimdo To Get Hold Of Impressive Templates

    The free version of Jimdo is available for every website builder. You may also try out the free version of Jimdo or else look for even cooler business features by upgrading. The custom newsletter feature keeps you in touch with your customers. By springing for upgrades, you may access features like custom newsletters, PayPal Stores, PageView Stats and others. However, if you want to use only basic features, you can do so for free.


     5. Wix to build impressive web hosts

    Everyone wants to design an impressive and appealing website. Wix is a good solution in this regard. There are so many easily customizable templates to fit the needs of almost every business. By using the tool, you may create an image-heavy website if you wish. Again, the basic features may be accessed for free. If you want a well-designed or slick look, opt for the Wix web design tool.

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  • A great deal of work! Thanks a lot for writing this useful content!

    There are many reasons for web development outsourcing, especially for smaller companies and startups. The key benefits of outsourcing web development are cost reduction, broad skill sets, great tech experts, and risk mitigation. 

    You can start with a simple web project if you want to avoid a negative website outsourcing experience. For success take the following steps:

    1. Do your own investigation
    • write a project description
    • list business goals
    • specify technical requirements
    • calculate the project’s budget
    • note questions for pre-screening process
    2. Make a list of all the potential web outsourcing vendors

    3. Conduct vendor screening process (via e-mail, Skype interviews)

    4. Analyze the data that you have collected (website, proposals, portfolios, references, resumes, tech capabilities and skills, years on the market, number of projects)

    5. Select web development outsourcing company
    • sign the contract & NDA 
    • negotiate your payment options
    6. Arrange communication and project supervision process (utilize tools like Confluence, InvisionApp, Gdocs, JIRA, etc.)

    7. Enjoy the benefits of web development outsourcing
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