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  • 5 Do's and Don'ts You Need To Remember During a Job Interview

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    Getting a job for the first time is a daunting task for people who just became a member of the workforce. After all, dealing with the real world is not as easy as life during the academic days. This is where the journey to adulthood begins. Finding the job you want is not challenging. The challenging part is scoring interviews, which can give you a chance of landing a job. For a start, making a good resume is a good idea. Submitting the application should be the next focus.


    Fortunately, you can do all these on sites like, which is a site that offers an online resume and job board in one place. Employers can post the job vacancy while employers can submit their application for those job vacancies. All of this process is done online, which is super convenient and cost-efficient. If you already scored some job interviews, you can read tips to ace them below.


    Five do's during a job interview


    Research about the company and position

    It is always a good idea to do your homework. By researching about the company and the nature of the job, you can prepare better than before. You can always do a web search of the company. The social media pages are good sources of information too.


    Practice answering interview questions

    You need to practice common interview question and prepare an answer for each. This preparation is to ensure that you are prepared and don’t answer anything on-the-spot in pressure.


    Dress appropriately

    One of the benefits of researching a company is to know their company culture. Do they dress conservatively or casually in their picture? If you're not sure, it is better to be in formal attire.


    Be intelligent and honest

    It is a good idea to answer questions in a very impressive way. You would impress the job interviewer and would leave a very strong impact during the interview. However, honesty is also a significant factor to consider in the job. Be honest when answering, especially on your records and experiences related to the job.


    Write a thank you email within 24 hours

    Writing a "thank you" letter is a way for the interviewer to express gratitude in giving you a chance. This might or might not help you get the job. However, you don't know whose opinion will matter in the future, so it’s best to leave a good impression even if you don't get the job.


    Five don'ts during a job interview


    Don't overshare

    Sure, you love to share your achievements, these can give you an advantage in the fierce competition. But be sure only to share achievements related to the job. If you're applying for a position in an office job, your first-place trophy in a cooking contest won't matter.


    Don't memorize your answers

    Practicing common interview questions will offer a better chance of saying a good answer. If you prepare for the interview, you can highlight your strengths effectively. Just don't make your answers sound like you rehearsed in the mirror for millions of times before the interview.


    Make poor movements

    The way you stand, shake the interviewer's hand, and sit in the chair tells a lot about you. If you slouch, fidget, or yawn in an interview, you're already leaving a wrong impression. It indicates your work ethics and gravity. You might have the qualification to get the job, but if you don't have great work ethics, the company will consider other applicants.


    Tell jokes when unnecessary

    Telling a joke might seem like a great idea to ease up your anxiety and lighten up the environment. That might not be the case every time. First of all, you're there to get the job, and not to tell jokes. Businesses want serious applicants who can help the company grow.


    Tell lies to get the job

    Last but not least, don't tell lies to get the job. The interviewer will likely see through the lie and will immediately deem you inadequate to work for the company. If you get to pass through the interview with lying, this will come back to you in the next hiring stages.



    Whether you get your first job in a hard or easy way, it will depend on your preparations. With proper preparation, you can give focus on your strengths and the will to grow your career in the company. Put your best step forward, and keep hoping.

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