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  • 5 Crucial Skills For Project Manager

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    Project manager spend lot of time orchestrating meeting which make him comfortable running meeting with wide variety of audiences. Below mentioned are the few traits for effective project managers who really make ideas happen:

    1. Good Communicator
      Project manager should have the ability to communicate with people at all level about goals, responsibilities, expectations, performance and feedback. Communication does not only mean verbal communication it includes effective use of e-mail, meetings, reports to communicate their ideas which results in decision making and problem solving. Project managers need to be able to distinguish who need to know what, when they need to know it and how the information needed to be delivered.

    2. Delegate task
      Project manger should always show trust in his or her team. One can demonstrate trust in other by delegating task to them, allowing them to participate as much as they can. Leaders who are unable to trust their team often fail as leaders and end up doing all the work themselves. A good leader should always a bit lazy. An interesting perspective! The greatest time saver for a project manager is his/her ability to delegate task. Once the right persons are on board then you have to just assign meaningful task to them.

    3. Risk management
      Risk management is a critical aspect of project management and a part of project planning. It help in minimising the impact of risk in the project. Make sure for your every project you should embed risk management which will help in identifying the risk during the starting phase and making plan of mitigation, which reduces the chances of failure. Below points the Project manger should follow

      Make Risk Management Part of Your Project
      Identify Risks Early in Your Project
      Communicate About Risks
      Consider Both Threats and Opportunities
      Clarify Ownership Issues
      Prioritise Risks
      Analyse Risks Plan and Implement Risk Responses
      Register Project Risks
      Track Risks and Associated Tasks

    4. Empathy
      Empathy is different from Sympathy. Sympathy says I understand where as Empathy says I feel your pain. We should always empathise with the client so that he should have the confidence that his product is in the right and trustworthy hands. Always try to look at the situation from others point of view instead of yours. Empathy can have a meaningful impact on our client; it not only helps in managing the situation, but their business relation with you, resulting in long-lasting client relationship.

    5. Cool under pressure
      Every client wants the project to be delivered on time, under budget with no major problems or obstacles to overcome. But practically it's not possibleas projects have problems. A leader while encountering the stressful event should consider it interesting, they should influence the outcome and see it as an opportunity, which help the leader to rise up articulate a new image of future that pulls the project together.

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