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  • 15 HTML5 tags you need to know about

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    1. <article>

      An Independent piece of content of a document such as blog entry newspaper article etc are represented by article tag. In other words we can say that, this tag represent independent piece of content of a document, such as a blog entry or newspaper article

    2. <aside >

      Aside tag Represents a piece of content that is only slightly related to the rest of the page.

    3. <audio>
      Defines an audio file.

    4. <canvas>

      This tag is used for rendering dynamic bitmap graphics on the fly, such as graphs or games.

    5. <command>

      Represents a command the user can invoke.

    6. <datalist >

      Together with the a new list attribute for input can be used to make comboboxes

    7. <keygen>

      Represents control for key pair generation.

    8. <mark>

      The Mark tag Represents a run of text in one document marked or highlighted for reference purposes, due to its relevance in another context.
      For example you can find in many websites at very end of article the author mentions reference links hyperlinked to original or another source.

    9. <meter>

      Represents a measurement, such as disk usage.

    10. <output >

      Represents some type of output, such as from a calculation done through scripting.

    11. <progress>

      Represents a completion of a task, such as downloading or when performing a series of expensive operations.

    12. <ruby>

      Together with and allow for marking up ruby annotations.

    13. <time>

      Represents a date and/or time.

    14. <video>

      Defines a video file.

    15. <wbr>

      Represents a line break opportunity.

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