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  • 10 Reasons Why We'll All Need to Be Entrepreneurs in the Near Future

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    Image courtesy of Pixabay


    Entrepreneurship is the foundation for the future. This can be easily tied in with a fundamental knowledge regarding reality that has swayed and influenced the evolution of labor and workplaces for many decades – the world is constantly changing, constantly evolving.


    #1 Mediums for Creativity


    One of the main reasons why people become entrepreneurs in the first place is because of creativity constrictions brought upon by the status as an employee. Educational systems are changing in order to favor creative and personal development.


    As a result, future generations will be less likely to, say, work in a textile factory and produce clothes one after another in a robotized manner. Wishing to break out of the chains of employment, it’s very likely that many people will turn towards entrepreneurship as a means of developing their ideas.


    #2 Open Positions Right Now


    The foundation is already being laid out as we speak. Some of the biggest, most influential, and most powerful companies in the world are starting to favor the benefits of partnerships and entrepreneurship over traditional employment. The best example here is Google, a giant that only keeps expanding and offering new perspectives to business-making and corporatist thinking.


    #3 New Job Openings


    The job markets are getting overly saturated when there aren’t any new opportunities at the horizon. Fortunately, said opportunities can be offered by entrepreneurs. By building new paths and starting the production of new goods and services, they’ll make openings in job opportunities that will only contribute to the economy.


    #4 Schedule Flexibility


    Women can now juggle their professional life, the duties of motherhood, and their personal drama. More and more college students seek out to work jobs for the future while pursuing their studies. In other words, future society will be in need of as much flexibility in their work schedule as possible. How else can it be granted if not through the benefits of entrepreneurship?


    #5 Technology Advances


    The sad truth is that employment is starting to take a backseat in favor of technological alternatives. Employers are starting to see the benefits of investing in long-term robots that can work relentlessly and provide near-perfect results. Humans are the ones who will suffer most from this and all that remains is to take matter into our hands and become those who use the robots ourselves.


    #6 National Encouragement


    Just like Google encourages it, it’s likely that we’ll see a day when entrepreneurs will be requested on a national level. Entrepreneurship is statistically known to greatly contribute to growth in national income curtsy of the new job openings and the opportunities in terms of products and services.


    #7 Troubling Unemployment


    Unfortunately, there aren’t many good news regarding unemployment and its development. The numbers keep growing, understandably so, as the population of the globe continues to also grow. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to offer positions of employees to everybody. This will likely become obvious and future generations will look towards building for themselves futures as entrepreneurs.


    #8 Shifts in Education


    Already aforementioned, the issue of the education system is tied in very strongly with the direction that future generations will pursue as far as their careers are concerned. Although the USA is still working toward tweaking its educational system, in many other parts of the world, most specifically in Europe, there is a visible difference between 21st century education and the one from the century prior.


    Personal development is encouraged and children are learning how to be leaders as opposed to followers. This, in turn, will only make them incredibly reluctant to adopt the lifestyle of an employee when the opportunities of being an entrepreneur are noticeable.


    #9 Better the World


    The generation gap has never been more visible than it is now. We’re not just talking about differences in hobbies and point of views, but drastic oppositions in cultural positions. Young people today want to change the world, to shape it completely different. Their children will likely do the same and the best way to do it is from leadership positions.


    #10 Adaptability to Innovation


    We go full circle – the world is changing. Things have been invented that nobody would have thought of decades ago. The moment something like a strudel toaster is invented, you can be certain that there will be people immediately jumping on the bandwagon while it’s still cold. The world is fast paced and we want to take the best of opportunities. It’s difficult to do so from the position of an employee.


    In conclusion, it will all happen because of us. We are changing, so is the world, so is the world of labor. We will have more ideas, new perspectives, new needs, and this is the best way to satisfy them all.


    Author bio:

    Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a Contributing Editor at Access to Knowledge. She has a great interest in everything related to job-seeking, career-building, and entrepreneurship and loves helping people reach their true potential.

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