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  • 6 Amazing Social Media Practices to Boost SEO Business

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    Are you interested in the ways by which social media and social media practices can assist in higher search engines ranking?




    Social Media has a deep impact on the search results. It not only creates a strong social presence but also improves your search engine rankings.


    Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are interconnected in many ways. Both strategies are inbound, organic and directed towards developing an appealing brand persona to naturally attract the visitors. Social media marketing strategy relies primarily on the robust brand presence and the quality of the content used to disseminate the information through tweets, posts or status updates. Therefore, the efforts that are directed towards a better SEO can simply enhance the social media reach.


    How to improve SEO using effective Social Media practices?


    Almost every search marketer agrees to the fact that “best social media practices can boost the SEO rankings”. Unfortunately, not many can explain why and how an increased social media activities can improve the SEO outcome.


    For your understanding, I’ve compiled 10 social media practices, if performed correctly can help you improve the search engine rankings.


    Publish Compelling and Shareable Content


    “Content is King” and very rightly so. A content rich (text and audio-visual) medium has a flair to attract the attention of the customer. Content is both information and communication. Most of your social accounts have the option to keep your content private. For example, on Facebook, you have the option to share your status with the special set of friends or to all. Similarly, Twitter offers you an option of a private profile and Pinterest allows secret boards.


    “The more people see your posts, the more they’ll share it.”


    However, if you are running an online business, you should make a solid social media plan and make all your social accounts public and all its content searchable.


    Encourage and Welcome External Site to Link the Content


    Social Media also serves as a broadcasting channel, especially at this stage. It acts as a platform for external websites to create a link to your content. Of course, you have to have a superior quality and compelling content to begin with, else you’ll have nothing valuable to attract through the links. Never hesitate to use your content as a part of threads or online discussion. Using the hashtags to lets you perceive the initial syndication rounds. All these efforts will let you enhance your company’s reputation in the market. All major search engines give preference to the websites that has a wide range of diversified external links. Similarly, inbound links can also be created by giving the authority to certain websites to link the company’s website. By providing inbound company links to the external sites and providing the platform to external sites to create a content link, you are not only enhancing the popularity of the website but also offering great boost to your SEO strategies.


    Growing the Followers


    The total number connections and followers on your social media accounts have a great impact on your rankings. Latest social media trend suggest:


    “Greater the number of followers, better the effect on SEO strategies.”


    A small entity with just 100 Facebook likes will not receive the similar ranking bonus as that of a million Facebook likes. However, there is a catch to this; Search engines have the technology to detect the authenticity of your followers. Buying a 1 million proxy twitter followers or a 100,000 Facebook likes won’t help you much.


    You have to build your own list of followers.


    Growing the number of followers in an organic manner is a slow but effective process. You should showcase your brand in the most unique and consistent way. By posting general discussions, open inquiries, tips, and informative articles, you can keep your followers engaged. By keeping the conversations interactive and direct , you are able to build and retain a sizable amount of followers.


    To increase the followers, always:


    • Create a compelling, facts and figure rich content
    • Be open to the conversation
    • Answer the customer’s query


    Optimizing Posts Locally to Increase Searches


    This form of social media optimization technique relies heavily on the pre-existing content. In addition to knowledge graphs, news and information based articles, Google tends to prefer social media updates as its top SERPs. By making sure that all your social media posts are well optimized, you can attain a temporary higher position in the SEO.


    Best social media campaigns never neglect local assistance.  Every business tends to seek solid local assistance to become a popular brand. Optimizing and Promoting Social media posts locally offers remarkable benefits to improve SEO strategies of any business. Local optimization includes encouraging the local audiences to comment and share and engaging local festivals and happenings.


    To optimize your posts for searches, always:


    Optimize, Integrate and use Keywords


    • Involve in a effective Keyword research
    • Ensure that the content is rich in quality
    • Limit repetition of keywords


    Optimizing Images


    • Add keyword rich description or fill out an alternate text field
    • Include keywords in the file name of the Image
    • Keep aspect ratio at 2:1


    Raise the Brand awareness


    Brand awareness is possibly the far-reaching channel for the new, prospective customers to find you. You might feel that the use of social media to increase brand persona offers more of a branding advantage, surprisingly SEO benefits are also remarkable.


    Its simple: “Better the User experience, higher you rank in Google”


    Increased awareness and brand visibility increases the company’s reputation and enhances the chance of greater searches and increased traffic. Your social media marketing plan and the SEO can not be deprived of increase Brand Awareness activity.  


    Persuade Sharing on Social Media


    Interestingly, any indication of a valid external source that confirming your content or brand is a platform for little improvement in Domain Authority (DA). Any activity including the shares, likes, favourite, retweets, replies all account for increased Domain Authority.


    “Encourage sharing to increase your search rankings.”


    To influence social sharing, always:


    • Offer rewards and benefits for the people who share your posts
    • Interactive survey is the key. If it has a new and hyped content, it will encourage people to like and share. Always remember ‘intriguing posts generates adequate interest”
    • Whenever, people share the posted content SEO ranking is boosted due to increase in Social Media posts.


    With ever changing SEO algorithms, it's hard to keep up with the best practices. However, one thing is universal that “Ethical Social Media Practices” makes a deep impact to “SEO Boost”.


    Do you agree? Have you tried any of these tricks before? How did you find the article? Please mention in the comment section below. Thank you for patient reading.

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