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  • .net interview questions - PART 2 c# basics and .net framework?

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    Without wasting time lets come to the point :

    Default question: (for each question from below list prepare examples from your latest projects. Because there is always a default question with each question("Where did you use it in your latest project and why?"). By giving examples form your current projects will make an impression in interviewer's mind that you are not just read it up but you are in practice to follow good coding standards. 

    1. What are the access modifiers in c# why we need access modifiers?
    2.  What is default access modifier of c#?
    3. What is protected internal in c#?
    4. What are the differences between constants and readonly ?
    5. Tell me the use cases for constant and readonly from your latest project(when you given example from any of your projects; be prepare for next question from your answer)?
    6.  What are the types in c#? How many types c# supports?
    7. What are the deference between class type & structure (when and why do you use structures)?
    8. What are the enums and why you need enums in c#?
    9. What are the interfaces why interfaces needed?
    10. what are the delegates? give an example (be ready for writing syntax as well)?
    11. What are the value types and reference types? what are the differences between them?
    12. What is boxing and unboxing?
    13. What are the nullable types in c#?
    14. Be prepare for tricky questions like is "int?" value type or reference type?
    15. Can we create function like below:
      public void Sum(int a, int b)
          int c = a + b;
      public void Sum(int? a, int? b)
          int c = a + b;


    16. What are the anonymous functions in c# ? where we use anonymous functions?
    17. What are async and wait key words in c#? why we need async functions?
    18. What are the differences between float and double and decimals?
    19. what's new int c # 7?
    20. what are generics in c# how do you define generics in c#? How many generic classes you have created in your latest project?
    21. What are the constructors in and and why do we need to define constructors in a class? what if a constructor is not defined in a class?
    22. What is the role of this keyword in c#?
    23. What are different kinds of collections in c#?
    24. What are the stacks and ques and arrays in c#?
    25. what are the generic collections?
    26. what is the use of data dictionary? is it type safe ?
    27. What are the lambda expressions? 
    28. What are the Indexer Methods in C#? and how do you define custom indexer ? or what is the use of this[int index] ?
    29. What are the Extension methods in C#?
    30. What are the anonymous type in c#?
    31. Why we use operator overloading give any example?
    32. What are threading and multi threading in c#?
    33. How do you handle exception in c#?
    34. Can you have multiple catch blocks ?
    35. What is Unhandled exception in .net?
    36. How do you manage global exception handling?
    37. What are the exception filters?
    38. what is finally block? if there is an error will finally block executed ?
    39. What are IEnumerable and IEnumerator Interfaces ?
    40. what are the ICloneable and IComparable Interfaces?
    41. What are Linq queries. write a linq query for pagination?

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