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  • Differentiate between SVG and Canvas

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    SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics it is an XML based image format which is basically used to define 2D vector graphics for the web. A vector image can be resized to any extent without destroying the image quality.

    • SVG images are represented in XML and complexities can be removed with the help of XML editing tools.
    • SVG is basically a "draw" program. Drawing is described as drawing instructions for each shape and any part of the shape can be changed.
    • Image can be modified through script and CSS
    • When there are samller number of objects in the screen then SVG is used
    • SVG markup and object model directly supports accessibility
    • SVG is not suitable for gaming application
    • The content of SVG is very flexible it can be static, dynamic, interactive and animated.
    • SVG have highly interactive animated user interfaces
    • Rendering capacities is high for large area

    Canvas element uses script to draw graphics it does not have its own drawing abilities.Canvas uses path,boxes,circles,adding images and text methods for drawing . Canvas HTML5 support latest version of firefox,chrome,safari and opera except IE8.

    • Canvas is contributed pixel by pixel.
    • Canvas can be modified only with the help of script.
    • Canvas gives better performance with smaller surface.
    • Canvas is not suitable for printing with high resolutions.
    • Using JavaScript we can draw graphics using canvas elements. .
    • Canvas is suitable for gaming application

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