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How to Resolve Buy and Align Button Display Issue on WooCommerce

Hi,   I'm facing some issues in WooCommerce and I need your help.   The issues are as following:   1/ When we select an external product in WooCommerce a "Buy product" button is automatically display...

How to Resolve Overlap Issues in Responsive Version of Menus

I am having a css issue for screen sizes of 640px and lower.   On the smaller screens, the pulldown menus come in with overlap issues. How best to determine why this is occurring and how to correct these problem(s)? 

Single select button group space issue and box-shadow not working in safari browser

I have created single select button group using radio button with label tag using css display: table and table-cell for text content exceed or overflow in each button. It's working fine all browsers (Chrome, Firefox & IE) expect Safari br...

How do I Fix the Layout for My Html Website?

I recently did some coding for a school project and needed some help with the layout.   Here are my questions:  What do I do on my css to change how the text "NRL 15/07/18 looks? How do I move the text saying "Wo...

How to do styling of a page header layout to fit in tablet & smart phones?

I have this page header and i need to make responsive so it can fit in tablet and smart phones and i need to direct form right to left and how can i use pure javascript to achive that (no Jquery needed)    <!DOCTYPE html> ...

How to Style Page Using Bootstrap?

i need to style this page using bootstrap but i can't get that i need to style the tags with black border and i need to add some margin to the top and the bottom of the container <?php require_once ("../templates/header.php"); ...

Can I transfer Bootstrap CSS to WordPress blogs? How?

If we are working on WordPress then we can easily develop a custom theme in wWordPressso I want to know how can we transfer the bootstrap CSS to wordpress blogs?   Thank you Deepak Verma

What is difference between <button> and<input type=“button” /> ?

Hi all, I want to know what is the difference  between <button> and <input type=“button” /> ?  and  which one I should  use.

How to integrate an autoresponder in Adobe Muse?

Hi, Recently, I've built my first landing page in adobe muse but when I was about to finish, I realized that if I insert the HTML code for my email autoresponder using "object >> insert HTML", then there is no way to modify or style my ...

How to update css when iPad orientation change

Hello Guys When I rotate the iPad, CSS clsses are not updating. In present, I am changing classes on page loading using javascript but now I need to update classes using CSS. Thank you in advance.
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