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  • server side versus client side in php

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    1. Client side means the code runs on client machine namely like browser while server side means code runs on server side and sent output to the client.

    2. In client side requests the pages from the server and displays them to the user in most of the cases the client is a web browser while the server is responsible for serving the pages.

    3. Uses of client side programming is:

      *develop pages interactive.

      *Interact with local storage as well as temporary storage.

      *send the request to the server and retrieve the data from the server.

    Examples of the client side language:

    1. Uses of Server side language is :
    <p>*User input process.</p>
    <p>*Display the pages.</p>
    <p>*Structure web applications.</p>
    <p>*Interact with permanent storage (SQL, files).</p>

    Examples of server side languages is:

        Visual Basic
        Ruby on Rail
    1. Most of the cases the client side development is done in Javascript because it runs the scripts on your computer after you have loaded a webpage.


    <script> document.getElementById('hello1').innerHTML = 'Hello world'; </script>

    In the above script it will change the display word from 'ccc' to 'Hello world'.

    1. A server side runs its scripts before the HTML is loaded, not after as we can see today the range of server side languages is in use. In which PHP is one of most popular, as well as and ruby on rails. They are called server side languages because their script are run not on your computer, but on the server.


    The above code has the exact same effect as the JavaScript code we looked at in the client side script example and display the same output.

    1. In some cases, the client side is good and in some cases server side is good if we work on front-end scripting which is on client side for anything that requires user interaction such as a simple game and server side requires a dynamic data to be loaded user as a notice that tells the user they are logged in.
    1. Client-side scripts rely on the user's computer. If that computer is slow they may run slowly while Server-side scripting tends to be used for allowing users to have individual accounts and providing data from databases.
    1. Client side scripting is possible to be blocked by the user while Server side scripting cant be blocked by the user.
    1. Response from a server-side script is slower as compared to a client-side script because the scripts are processed on the remote computer.
    1. Client side scripting cant access the file system that resides at the web server while Server side scripting can access the file system residing at the web server.
    1. In client side services are secure while server side there are security cosiderations when sending sensitive information.

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