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  • Why to Choose Marketing & Sales as Professional Career?

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    When was the last time you watched an advertisement on television or internet? Do you remember the product /brand being advertised? Was the advertisement successful enough to persuade you to buy the product? Have you ever purchased a product by watching an advertisement?


    If any of the questions made you stop and think for a while, then you are heading in the right direction.


    Gone are the good old days when companies used to sell whatever they manufactured. With the advancement in technology, increased literacy rate and customer awareness, business houses can no longer survive by ‘pushing’ the market. Hence, they need to produce goods with better understanding of consumers’ needs and wants to achieve the ultimate goal of consumer satisfaction. This is where marketing comes into existence.


    The concept of marketing stretches from the point before the sales are starting and ends long way after the completion of sales process. Therefore, the marketing process helps boost the sales of the organization in terms of volume and money.


    The question now arises Why should one study Marketing as a subject? Well, the answer comprises of a list of reasons, such as:


    ·        Through the information picked up on the course, people will see how to attempt critical errands, for example, competitor analysis, which enables a business to concentrate on their qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers.

    ·        Marketing is an extraordinary subject to consider as though you are keen on buyer behavior.

    ·        Marketing degrees allow individuals to develop not only their personal skills but also presentation skills.

    ·        A marketing course sets people in the mood for working in any business later on and there is an assortment obviously alternatives you can advance in.

    ·        Interminable interest for advertising experts.

    ·        Considering a course in advertising can lead a person into a wide range of parts of work. With the immense advancement of innovation, it has empowered advertisers to have greater adaptability with regards to creating promoting efforts.

    ·        A high pay can likewise be another advantage of examining an advertising course as it offers many vocation limited time courses into senior positions.


    The importance of marketing is increasing with each passing day due to focus on increasing the sales, creating value for the customers, relationship building and creating trust among customers, understanding the customers’ needs and wants and attaining customer satisfaction.


    Choosing marketing as a career can provide long term growth opportunities, pioneer and innovative, chance to meet and interact with variety of people and above all it is a diversified field that helps an individual’s personal as well as professional growth.


    Because of the abovesaid reasons, Marketing has emerged as a specialized course offered by various universities, around the globe, in the recent past. It is a diverse stream that includes studies in Marketing Management, Advertising Management, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Product Management, International Marketing, Digital MarketingSales ManagementStrategic Marketing, to add to the list.


    Any organization is set up with the motive to earn profits. These profits could be easily generated, if the sales and marketing team of the organization is fully motivated. They are the ones who represent the face of the company in the eyes of the customers.


    Certain tips can be followed to make marketing interesting:

    ·        UpToDate information and knowledge of marketing news.

    ·        Get yourself on social media and create a presence.

    ·        Creating a blog is another great way to put your marketing knowledge into practice.

    ·        Finally, make sure you take advantage of the internships and work experience opportunities available.


    A degree in Marketing will fetch you a good job with a handsome salary. The incentives one gets are icing on the cake. Therefore, a career in marketing is quite lucrative.

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