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  • Why SSL Security Certificate is Necessary for Business Applications

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    SSL certificate is the buzz-word on everyone's mouth after the latest update of Google! Today, everyone is aware of the security needs and know that having an SSL certificate is the primary step they have to take to secure their businesses.


    Let's begin with the definition of an SSL certificate

    SSL Certificates are miniature data files that provide a digital cryptographic key for the details of an organization. When you install that data file on your web server then it shows a padlock icon, 'https' before the URL, and hence allows secure data transfer through your website. The ‘S’ in the HTTPS stands for 'secure'.


    Generally, SSL certificate is mandatory for bank transactions, shopping sites, and data transfer/storage sites. Also, social media sites handle lots of personal data, so the certificate is mandatory for them too.


    A domain name, server name, company name, and location are bound together through an SSL certificate. Any site needs the SSL certificate on its web server so that every browser can initiate a secure session with the site. After the secure connection, the web traffic between the client (browser) and server can transfer safely.


    The HTTPS shows a user that your site is secure and hence the authenticity for your site increases. Regardless of the type of certificate and the browser, a green bar or a padlock icon will always show when someone visits your SSL-certified website.


    Other details of an SSL certificate

    You can check the details of an SSL certificate of a secure site by clicking on the padlock icon and then choose "View Certificate". The SSL certificate will always show the same information irrespective of the browser.


    You can click on the 'Details' tab for checking the original content of the SSL certificate. Further, select the tab "Certificate Path" to know which Trusted Root Certificate provider has issued the SSL certificate.


    Now, let's know about the importance of Root Certificate

    You know the importance of an SSL certificate so you might also have come to the conclusion that the certificate authority must be a trusted one, and its Root Certificate as well. Currently, 2048 bit encryption is the thing you should look for. There must be a Root Certificate so that the end user can see it and find that the SSL certificate is trusted. The presence of a valid Root Certificate shows the authenticity of the SSL certificate. If the Root Certificate is not trusted, the browsers will pop the error message of the untrusted certificate to the end user. Consider your website is an e-commerce site which accepts payments, then such error messages will remove the trust of users immediately. In the end, you are going to lose trust and eventually the customers too.


    Why should you consider as your SSL certificate provider? is known as a trusted Certificate Authority because of browsers and operating system sellers trust us and therefore we are a reliable authority to issue certificates. The number of applications, browsers, and devices comes to know the Root Certificate authority, the more impressions it creates, the SSL certificates get recognized better.

  ensures that its in-house engineers from all over the globe are in constant communication with the device, application, and browser vendors so that the Root Certificate of is available everywhere for the SSL sessions. Our Root Certificate is very flexible and strong which is able to perform all PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) related actions like:


    • Guarantees the status of a remote computer
    • Assures the identity of the software publisher
    • Secures the software alteration after publication
    • Documents your identification to a remote computer
    • Secures email system
    • Allows safe communication on the network
    • Allows encryption of data
    • Allows the signing of data with the current time      
    • Permits the policies of key usage
    • Allows OCSP signing



    I can say that these were the things you should know about the SSL certificates. Do you need an SSL certificate or a web server host? If yes, then contact us for high-end services at affordable rates

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