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  • Why PHP MVC Web Development Framework In Trend Today?

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    There are a plethora of PHP frameworks available today. They are suitable to develop a web application for any business. Choosing the best PHP framework can be a tough task. It is due to so many available options. Laravel is among the most popular frameworks for application development. It has a variety of features as well as capabilities. It is often recommended as best suited PHP framework. This is for the purpose of developing innovative and intuitive apps. There are different reasons why Laravel is in trend among the businesses. We studied different frameworks which are in trend. The most trending PHP MVC framework is Laravel. Let’s look at the reason why it is in trend today.



    1. Availability of Authorization Technique

    Laravel makes the authentication techniques’ implementation quite simple. Anything can be easily configured. It provides simpler ways to organization control access to resources. Same can be done to organize authorization logic.


    2. Presence of Object-Oriented Libraries


    The presence of object-oriented libraries makes Laravel the trending PHP framework. There are many pre-installed libraries. They aren’t found in most of the popular PHP frameworks. Among these, Authentication library is the most important one. It is easier to implement and has many advanced features. It includes Bcryt hashing, checking active users, and password reset. Encryption and Cross-Site Request Forgery protection are another major features of this library.


    3. Artisan


    Laravel provides an inbuilt tool called Artisan. Any developer can interact with the Laravel framework. He can do this using a command line. It creates as well as handles the entire Laravel project environment. Laravel offers an inbuilt tool for these command-lines. It is called Artisan. This particular tool allows the developer to perform various tasks. They are majorly repetitive as well as tedious programming tasks. Most of the developers tend to avoid performing these tasks manually.


    4. In-built MVC Support


    Laravel supports the MVC architecture. It is an MVC PHP framework. It makes sure the clarity between the presentation and logic. MVC assists to improve the performance of the application. It also allows much better documentation. It also has various inbuilt functionalities.


    5. Enhanced Security


    Every developer wants to make his application secure. Laravel helps in taking care of the entire security within its own framework. It utilizes hashed and salted password. This means that the password isn’t saved as plain text anywhere in the database. It also utilizes Bcyrpt hashing algorithm. This algorithm generates an encrypted password representation. Laravel also utilizes prepared SQL statements. This makes injection attacks almost impossible.


    6. Database Migration


    Keeping database in synchronization between different development machines is tough. This is a major distinct problem for developers. Laravel’s database migration is quite easy. MySQL Workbench isn’t the best way to easily sync these databases. Here Migrations helps a lot. You have to keep all database work in seeds and migrations. Through this, you can migrate any changes into different development machines. This is also what makes Laravel a best PHP framework.


    7. Laracasts


    Every developer needs to learn more about the frameworks. Laravel provides Laracasts. It features free as well as paid tutorials. They show how actually to use Laravel. The videos are prepared by an experienced and expert instructor. These videos provide vital essentials about Laravel. They also offer concise and clear instructions. The production quality of these videos is very high.


    8. Introduction of Blade Templating Engine


    This engine of Laravel is quite intuitive. It assists to work with any typical HTML/PHP spaghetti. It is among the best features of the PHP framework Laravel.


    9. Seamless Automatic Package Discovery


    In previous versions, Laravel wasn’t easy to install package. Now, Automatic Package Discovery easily detects all the packages automatically. All these packages are the ones that user wishes to install. Users don’t actually have to set up any kind of aliases. They don’t have to set up any ‘providers’ for installing any new package. Laravel allows the developers to easily disable this particular feature for specific packages.




    There is a wide range of PHP frameworks on the internet. Most of them are widely used for application development. However, each one of these frameworks has its own limitations. Laravel is considered as the best PHP framework. PHP framework Laravel has a variety of features. It has the availability of authorization techniques. It comes with object-oriented libraries. It has unique Artisan for dealing with commands. It comes with inbuilt MVC support. Laravel is the best MVC framework PHP. It provides enhanced security with its unique features. It also makes injection attacks impossible. It has automatic package discovery and blade templating engine. There are various tutorials to learn Laravel, called Laracasts. Laravel also offers extensive community support. The popularity of the Laravel framework is on the rise. That’s why it is best PHP framework in trend.

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