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  • Which Heroes Should You Main in Overwatch?

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    Which heroes should you use as your main?



    Team-based multiplayer shooters don’t come much better than Overwatch. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a captivating first-person shooter game with top-of-the-line combat and gameplay mechanics to help you enjoy a truly dynamic gameplay experience. Upon its release, the game became an instant hit among game lovers and received heaps of praise from players and critics from around the world.


    One thing that separates this game from most of the other FPS games is that your success is highly dependent on your team composition and how well you can work with your own teammates. Taking this into consideration, it’s really important to know which characters are the best in the game if utilized properly so scroll through this article and find out which heroes you should main in Overwatch. Additionally, using Overwatch hacks can also up your game, but it’s vital to only choose trusted and safe hacking providers like You can go over to their page to get started with them - 


    Which Damage Heroes should you Main in Overwatch?


    When it comes to damage, Reaper is certainly one of the best choices that you can make to assemble a vicious team due to the talents and skills that he possesses. He carries two deadly shotguns with him and, to make matters even worse for the oppositions, he fires both of them at the same time and his damage rate is higher than any other hero which makes Reaper a truly disastrous hero. 


    Along with this amazing ability, Reaper also reaps the health of any opponent that he damages so, while taking down an enemy, Reaper will also be healing himself and this certain aspect makes him a great team player and he can certainly win you games if you utilize him to his full potential.


    Another great hero that possesses heavy damage to the opposition is Hanzo. Since it’s a tactical game, Hanzo’s recon ability makes him a great hero as he can use it to see enemies in a specific area without blowing his cover and he can also see through walls which means you can always keep an eye on your enemies. If used right, Hanzo’s ultimate is extremely useful as it can take down the entire enemy team so if you’re skilled enough, you should know when and where to use Hanzo’s ultimate.


    Which Tank Heroes should you Main in Overwatch?


    Moving on to tank heroes, Orissa is a popular choice among Overwatch players. She owns a great defensive mechanism that allows you to survive in the map for a longer time and, with the help of her defensive abilities, she can also defend her teammates hence, increasing your chances of winning the game by a large margin.


    The maps in Overwatch are fairly small which means you’ll constantly be in a one-on-one situation with your opponents. To overcome your foe in these intense battles, there aren’t many better choices than Roadhog. His ability to pull enemies closer with his hook is deadly if combined with his scrap gun which can kill most enemies with one shot if used right so if you’re a player who knows how to use the right combos, you’ll love Roadhog.


    Which Support Heroes should you Main in Overwatch?


    Tactical gameplay means taking and providing maximum support to your teammates in order to achieve victories and when it comes to support, Lucio is a top choice for Overwatch players. His healing abilities allow him to heal as many teammates as he wants within a circle that appears when he decides to use his powers so if your teammates are down and need help getting back up, Lucio is the one you can always rely on.


    Another fantastic support hero is none other than Mercy. She’s the only hero in the game who has the ability to revive her teammates so if you want to make things extremely difficult for your foes, you should use Mercy’s revive ability to keep your teammates in the game at all times and reduce your death rates. Along with this exceptional reviving ability, she also heals her teammates really fast so when you’re in the middle of an intense combat, Mercy can always help you gain health instantly which means you’ll stand a great chance against the opposition squad.


    How to increase wins by Using Any Hero in the Game


    Due to the game’s high level of competitiveness, it’s impossible to win every game even if you’ve mastered all the abilities of each and every hero in the game. Either you’ll lose because of your teammate’s mistake or, you yourself will lack the ability to win single handedly which can get quite frustrating to be honest. 


    To change that and to help you improve all aspects of your game, we recommend that you use Overwatch hacks that can be accessed from Battlelog. A truly versatile list of cheats and enhancement is available on this platform where you’ll find all sorts of hacks for every hero and for every situation in the game. So if you’re planning on becoming a real pro who rarely ever tastes defeat, we recommend that you use these hacks as they’ll take your gameplay to a truly superior level and you’ll be able to win a lot more in the future.

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