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  • Whatsapp has Acquainted Video-Calling Feature with its Flying Colors

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    Whatsapp is one of the most essential and popular messaging application which let the user communicate with each other throughout the world. About 160 million users make use of these applications each day. The use of Whatsapp application is both useful and tracking tool as each and everyone makes use of these applications due to its barrage of being meaningless messages many people receive each day.


    The introduction of video calling feature is a meaningful one, enduring Whatsapp recent celebration of emerging out new features to these favorite messaging apps. Many of the recently added features, including video calling, writing over images and videos, etc, are certainly encouraged by other well-known messengers like Telegram, Snapchat, Skype, and others. Whatsapp has gained several other essential features from other popular messaging apps. Whatsapp video-calling trait is now available on a beta version of the app for Android devices.


    The APK file, is made available for download from APK Mirror, have the new essential features live on it. The new beta app gives entry to video-calling features from the call icon, but it is not working yet. The app is made accessible for the beta testers from Google Play store beta testing program. By just snapping on the call button now provides the option for voice and video call.


    Whatsapp video-calling aspect is one that has been expected for some time and if this commences it could give the app a meaningful outline over other communication rivals. The video-calling feature is at present made accessible on Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Viber, etc. Obviously, Skype rests as one of the best options for video-calling for many social media users. But Whatsapp video-calling will be progressive in so many ways. For pioneer, Whatsapp has 1 billion monthly users; and it’s encrypted end to end. The same privacy concept has been used by the developers for the video-calling aspect. It also rests to be examined how they will enhance video-calling on Whatsapp given that the app is well-known in India where network connectivity remains uncertain.


    There is a great question whether the video-calling feature will be sustained on Whatsapp groups. Recently Whatsapp has added so many attractive features like an end to end encryption, document sharing and much more. Additionally, rumors have predicted that Whatsapp is actively working on a call-back feature and voicemail support as well. Whatsapp has pointed out that it needs to get more business in order to interact with the customers.


    Granular controls for self-media download


    Whatsapp newly has global settings where people get to choose when to naturally download the files that have been directed to you by individually or in a group. People recognize they should stop auto downloads on mobile data so that they additionally don’t waste your monthly data costs. It is recommended to stop auto downloads completely even though when there is Wi-Fi connection to protect the phone’s internal storage from being hindered with media files. Due to these reasons, it evolves into disturbing when you collect a flow of media from selected people that you likely wish to see, which are made available only after you click on each part, and start a download. Here, rough controls for automated media downloading would assist you where you can fix auto-downloading rules for single or by groups.


    Individual tab for self and group chats


    Though Whatsapp might be a place to chat randomly with your friends due to its reach it is also where many essential, operational chats take place. Many of the people might be using it to chat even with their associates. If so, active chat from numerous participants even keeps these groups emerging on top when the users open Whatsapp application.


    Now you’ve got to precisely examine through these, to verify if you haven’t missed any valuable one to one chats. Keeping a view where only two people chats are apparent would make this work much easier. One way that we can think of is if such chat and group chat were separated, into two individual tabs in the application.


    Explicit login through desktop without making use of phone connection


    When compared to other applications, people can make use of Whatsapp even on computers. This is a great advantage as people bygone have to alter the change between phone and computer each time they pick up a message. But the operation isn’t usual as it needs your mobile to be switched on and linked to the internet for the desktop app to perform.


    This is troublesome occasionally like when your mobile is out of charge and you would like to reply to someone using the computer. Challenging apps like Telegram, Facebook Messenger app work freely on each platform they are accessible.


    Technique that makes you choose only if you like to join a group


    Friends and family members have the disturbing habit of adding people to Whatsapp groups which they don’t like to join cue messages like the nano-GPS rumor and chain-forwards. The user can block a person, but it is impossible that you cannot block groups on Whatsapp, so this technique can even be used to spam dignitary who has obstructed you. A technique that allows you choose if you like to join a group would be very convenient. It could be legitimate like friend requests on Facebook.


    Shift chat backups between iPhone and Android


    Make steady yourself to losing your Whatsapp chats if you consistently tend to switch from Android to iPhone or etc. In iOS mobile phone only backs up chats to the Apple device- unshared iCloud service. While on Android it makes use of Google Drive a service that is made available for iOS but iOS users can't bring back their chats from there. An application like Telegram makes use their own encrypted backup account, making it more logical when exciting between a wide varieties of platforms. Taking into account that Whatsapp doesn’t like to back up a whole lot of chats and media onto its servers, there slightly to be some technique to drift chats with respect to the world’s two largest mobile platforms.


    Audio conference


    Whatsapp integrates voice calling in March last year, and people assume that it's about time conference audio calls which have made its way to the app. Apart from helping you and your friends to unite easily; it also paves way for business people to acquire the benefit particularly those conference calls teams render.


    Queue messages without connectivity on iOS


    Queuing messages whereas there is no connectivity has been a trouble for iOS users. There has been a question why the firm doesn’t fix this issue at the early stage. In an iPhone, when your network is out of range it is impossible to compose and queue messages that will certainly be delivered when the phone is back to the network. This does not look like there’s any restricted restraint on iOS and Facebook Messenger does this just excellent.


    Encrypted cloud backups


    Though Whatsapp presents end-to-end encryption for conversation, this doesn’t broaden to conversation backups. The chat you backup on iCloud or Google Drive is unencrypted, which says that if someone gains access to these your conversations are made public. Thereby, presenting encrypted backups can able to solve this problem.


    Author: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of  Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is developing , leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like SCIMBO – Whatsapp Clone Script. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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