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  • What is Penetration test?

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    What is Penetration test?

    A penetration test, or as you may call it **pentest**, is an attack on a computer system. The intention of this attack is to find security frailty and thus obtain access to it.

    Following is the process that leads to gaining access to data and functionality of the targeted system:-

    1. Identify/Recognize the goal
    2. Recognizing the target systems
    3. Study the available information

    alt text

    What can be the targets, lets see:-

    Following can be the potential targets for penetration test:-

    1. A light purple box (where all background and routine information is provided)
    2. A black box (where only fundamental/basic or non material/documentation is given excluding the company name)

    What does a penetration test target reveal?

    A penetration test can assist/help us understand that whether a system being targeted is unsafe to attack.

    It also tells about the protection available against the attack and if those protections are sufficient enough to protect the system from a potential attack
    Also it can disclose which protection/security got vanquish in the penetration test.

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