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  • What are the New Technologies Trending Across The Country

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    More than 60 years ago, the co-founder of Intel made a technology prediction that would end up setting the pace for a digital revolution. The prediction stated that over time computing abilities would begin to increase at a rate similar to the decrease in the relative cost. All of this would be done at an exponential rate.


    Hard work from many scientists around the world and the addition of this insight fueled the technology sector rapidly. The industry of technology quickly became the staple component of what we now know as our modern economy. Both enterprises and consumers have much potential to look forward to as advancements make it easier for mass markets to become affordable. Below are some of the top trends to keep watch of in the coming years across the country.


    Solar Advancements

    There are positive signs pointing to many advancements in the global solar sector in the coming years. One of the biggest trends to note this year is that the market is finally cracking the 100 gigawatts mark. The bids are also hitting record lows for megawatts-per-hour. This means a great impact on the use of solar throughout the states in both residential and commercial settings. In time, the best states for solar will be growing exponentially and not limited to the current southern areas.



    Most people by now have heard a little bit about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It has led to a huge advancement in the finance sectors. At the highest level, blockchain technology is a secure way to access and manage private, sensitive information. The core of the technology hinges on the basic idea of decentralization. Essentially, it allows the risk and power to be equally distributed across the board to everyone involved in a particular network.



    IoT stands for the "internet of things." It is being reported that nearly $6 billion will be spent on solutions in just the next five years. It is expected that most homes will be filled with smart devices in the near future. Many people across the world are already enjoying the many smart devices already available on the market. When all of our devices employ geospatial data, tech-savvy companies will look to automate and optimize all of our systems to eradicate inefficiencies caused by human errors.


    White Collar Automation

    For decades, conspiracy theorists have speculated the future would be riddled with machines taking over all of our jobs and eventually the world. While this is purely a "worst case" scenario, many white collar job holders are going to find themselves being out of work if a bot can effectively perform their jobs better than them.


    For a handful of years, AI has already been used to replace some white collar jobs. It may be naive to think that all of our jobs are going to be completely replaced. However, it is very plausible that many of those same jobs will become heavily automated to the point where careers will have to adapt to the changes accordingly.



    Messaging bots are poised to have a tangible impact on software as more and more companies are looking to invest in their own versions of consumer-facing chatbots. At a simplistic level, these chatbots are used as front-end interfaces for companies to use for customer communication. More advanced chatbots have AI capabilities and will be able to offer customers of businesses a more enriched and interactive experience.


    Companies can have these bots created and embedded into their website homepages. They may also use them on their social media platforms. Consumers can fully expect to see these chatbots being used in industries across the board including travel, dining and hospitality. The bots can help with sales, customer support and marketing services.


    Whether you are an "average" consumer or a diehard technology fan, it is exciting to see the new tech trends taking the nation by storm in the coming years. These new devices will change the way we live and communicate with each other and the businesses we associate with.

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