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  • What are the Fundamental Basics of Lean and Six Sigma

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    Let's take a look into Lean and Six Sigma. Six Sigma focuses on reducing procedure fluctuations and improving output by implementing a problem-solving strategy. Lean, on the other hand, is mostly concerned with eliminating wastes and improving business processes within the organization.


    The Lean Method

    Lean manufacturing isn't a new thought. The notions of Lean manufacturing can be traced to those initially utilized by Henry Ford in his production line. But, today's Lean methodology is largely credited to Toyota, which developed the Toyota Production System, which is widely recognized among the most effective production systems in the world.



    The Lean method focuses on eliminating waste while still providing customers high quality products and utilizing the least amount of resources. To achieve efficiency in every department of the organization must be thoroughly involved in the process and not only those directly correlated with production.


    Lean focuses on eliminating waste from the manufacturing procedure. In Lean, any system that does not add value to the quality of the item or services supplied is regarded as waste. Lean is concentrated on eliminating wastes in these regions:

    • Overproduction
    • Waiting times in between surgeries
    • Wasteful activities by machine or operators
    • Extra production measures That Don't add value to the item
    • Excessive inventory
    • Unnecessary transportation prices
    • Defects in the manufacturing process
    • Non-utilization of gift (untapped workforce potential)


    The Lean method was mostly created for manufacturing. However, the benefits of this system go beyond the production line and may be utilised in various areas of operations across all industries. In the case of Toyota, Lean has become synonymous with company culture. It has created a highly efficient organization that concentrates on providing the best products for their clients while cutting back on unnecessary expenses, hence improving profits.


    Six Sigma


    Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology which focuses on a disciplined, process-centric, and qualitative processes for enhancing business operations. It was first used by Motorola in its production process. Since its introduction, it has been used to almost every industry as a tool for improving their business procedures.


    Six Sigma aims to decrease variance and mistakes in the production process. This is only because inconsistencies in the manufacturing procedures often result in defective products. The aim of Six Sigma is to six decrease defects to 3.4 per one million opportunities. This is actually the standard of Six Sigma methodology.

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