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  • What are the Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms

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    Programmatic advertising is among the emerging technologies in the world of digital advertising and marketing. Despite its growing popularity and rising adoption rate, programmatic continues to be the least understood digital marketing strategy.


    What is programmatic advertising?

    Programmatic advertising is a data-driven, automated approach wherein your brand or product is shown to a specific target audience using a software program. With this strategy, marketers and companies can focus their campaigns into a more segmented audience based on their demographics, geographic location, and position in the sales funnel.


    Programmatic advertising also enables marketers and brands to customize their creatives and campaigns based on real-time data and results. As a result of more targeted marketing, you can enjoy better outcome.


    How to use programmatic advertising?

    The advantages of programmatic ads are unquestionable. Combining technology and data can optimize campaign performance and improve efficiency.  But the more important question is: how can you use it?


    To display your ads programmatically, you need to use one of the many programmatic advertising platforms available. These software tools are used to buy and bid for media inventory, as well as, to monitor, analyze and optimize your campaign. They work just like paid search wherein you can control the number of ads displayed, and when/where/how they will be displayed. Since you have full control, you only pay for media inventory with better chances of attracting and driving high quality leads down the sales funnel.


    What are the best programmatic advertising platforms?

    With numerous programmatic ad tools available, choosing which one to use can be a bit of a challenge. Here we list some of the best platforms that can help you reach your target audience.



    Well-known display advertising software, AdRoll boasts of utilizing customer intelligence data to provide highest display targeting. The platform uses real-time data about online purchasing behaviors. It is capable of knowing what consumers like and predicting how consumers will behave. Most marketers and brands use AdRoll for prospecting and retargeting.


    AdRoll boasts of its unique intelligent software that delivers targeted content that will entice your leads. Plus, it continuously collects data about your audience and calibrates the campaign strategy to improve the success rate.


    Adobe Marketing Cloud

    Launched in 2017, the Adobe Marketing Cloud guarantees transparency in automated ad buying. This software ensures that you see exactly what you’re paying for. A very easy-to-use tool, it simplifies the process of buying, monitoring and controlling your ads. It also provides a detailed visual report on your ad spending, thereby allowing you to calibrate your strategy.


    Adobe’s programmatic platform runs a powerful system that is capable of: gathering relevant customer insights, using data to identify the behavior of quality leads, and creating unique viewer profiles based on its rich data sources.


    DoubleClick Digital Marketing

    Google’s DoubleClick is a reputable programmatic advertising tool that brands and marketers can use to effectively develop, manage, and grow high-impact digital marketing campaign. It runs unmatched solutions that gather useful insight from multiple channels. Buyers can use this data to run data-driven and highly successful campaigns in different channels, including television ad space. The DoubleClick Bid Manager enables buyers to buy display media more efficiently and effectively with just one platform across exchanges in real-time.



    Developed by expert ad ops team from War Room, Kedet consolidates the best digital advertising technologies into a single programmatic ads tool. The software tool uses actual data about an ad’s performance, thereby improving the campaign success rate and cutting on costs. The platform also delivers an easy-to-understand view of your digital ads. Plus, it simplifies the ad placement process, so that you can focus on fine-tuning your campaign.



    A popular pick in the DSP market, RocketFuel was developed by alumni of Yahoo in 2008. This programmatic ads platform offers a self-service DSP. It utilizes AI to predict the potential behaviors of the audience in real-time. Its powerful predictive marketing leads to more targeted ads being displayed. The ads are more relevant and resonant to the online habits of the audience. The software tool also comes with a Data Management Platform (DMP) that enables marketers to view all their campaign data.


    Final Thoughts

    Programmatic can be very advantageous but can also be confusing. Choosing which programmatic advertising platform to use can seem more challenging than it is. To know which tool is best suited for your business, it is vital that you review and evaluate your current and future digital marketing needs.

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