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  • Understanding Operating Systems and Computer Hardware

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    If you like computers and want to know more about them then you can start by learning about operating systems and how computer hardware works. There are many different types of operating system and many types of hardware that are very important for the proper functioning of a computer. In this article, some of the most used operating systems will be discussed and also some of the most important hardware components that are present on the computer will be discussed.


    What is an operating system?


    Operating systems are the most important software in a computer. It’s crucial for the company to operate. Without an operating system, a computer can’t even start. It’s responsible for many of the important processes in a computer. They help the application program to run and without an operating system, a computer is nothing but a box made of iron. There are many operating systems that are popular all over the world. Among them, different versions of windows are very popular. There are so many versions of windows that are released. Among them, some of the versions are XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and many others. There are other operating systems like Linux that is not as user-friendly as windows. It is operated by codes and Linux doesn't require much use of a mouse rather much of the work is done by keyboard. Linux is a well-protected operating system and is very difficult to hack.


    Understanding Operating Systems and Computer Hardware


    Now there are many popular operating systems in Linux like Ubuntu, Kali, and others. Some of them even have a graphical user interface. Apple has its own operating system. Apple’s computers, or Mac computers, run using their own MAC operating system. The hardware and software of MAC computers are made in such a way that they are only compatible with each other. You can't install a MAC operating system on a regular computer. You would need to install it in a MAC device. You can learn IOS dev by researching on the internet. Now there are also some operating systems like Android available where you can install any Android apps as you do on the mobile phone.


    What hardware are essential for the computer?


    There are so many computer hardwares that are absolutely essential for the computer to work properly. Among them, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard disk drive and some others are well known. They are absolutely required for the computer to properly function.




    The motherboard is an important part of the computer. It connects all the important parts like Processor, RAM, Graphics card, external slots, peripheral devices connectors like keyboard, mouse, USB, and others. The motherboard has a south bridge and a north bridge that are responsible for communication among the various parts of a motherboard. There are other important parts like BIOS, CMOS battery that makes sure that the components essential for the computer are working properly. CMOS battery makes sure that the BIOS chip has the essential power to work.




    The processor is placed in the Motherboard and is a very essential part of a motherboard. CPU can have many features but mainly it is responsible for making the decisions and doing the algorithms in a computer. A processor is also called the brain of a computer.




    The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. RAM is responsible for loading an application for the first time. The speed of the computer depends on the RAM speed of a computer. RAM is essential for starting the computer as the operating system is loaded in the RAM when a computer is started.


    Power Supply


    The power supply is one of the most important hardware parts of a computer. The power supply distributes the power to all parts of the computer. The power supply provides power to the processor, the motherboard, the hard disk drive, cooling fan, and other parts.

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