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  • Traffic Sources for Websites

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    In today's world, over 65% of businesses have gone online. Future is even more favorable for an online market. There is a dire need of online traffic for any website. You must agree that traffic is the backbone of any online firm.




    Online traffic of any website can be gauged by the success of any website. For example, if any website has higher number of daily visitors, chances for conversion rates to soar also become higher. Some examples of high traffic E-commerce websites are:



    Traffic is not all about quality; it’s sometimes about the numbers that matter the most. So, the clear cut opinion is that high traffic websites always have more chances of getting business.




    Type of sources for online Traffic


    • Direct Traffic:
      If a user directly types in your website URL or accesses your website via bookmark, the traffic comes under Direct traffic.

    • Organic Traffic:
      If traffic comes via a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, it’s known as organic traffic.

    • PPC Traffic:
      PC stands for Pay Per Click. Traffic comes from Paid Ads on various search engines.

    • Social Media Traffic:
      The traffic generated from social media giants, like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.

    • Email Traffic:
      Newsletter and mass mailing is a backbone of any online marketing campaign. The traffic generated from these tools is known as Email traffic.

    • Referral:
      Any traffic generated through various referral sites come under this category.


    Any person who has visited a website contributes to the Traffic. Any traffic, regardless of free traffic, paid or any referral traffic is worth for the website owner. However, what  matters the most is relevant traffic. Any traffic coming from relevant niche sites always benefits a business. The above categorization of a source from which you are getting traffic is really a big help.

    If you like this blog post, please share this on social media, so my blog can have a little traffic via you as the donation of wisdom.

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