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  • Top SEO Trends That Are Dominating 2016

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    In 2016, some of the most well-known SEO strategies are even more crucial than before. In addition to some of the old methods becoming far more emphasized in various ways, there are brand-new changes on the horizon as well. Being aware of the following dominant SEO trends will help you stay ahead of the curve.


    Long copy


    There has been some skepticism about the effectiveness of long-form content for SEO in the past, but currently, long-form content has shown itself to be a viable and powerful SEO strategy. Customers want as much detail and credibility as possible, and long-form content makes this much easier to achieve than short form.


    Video content


    Video content’s SEO performance has been better than ever with the high prevalence of mobile device browsing and Wi-Fi usage today. In addition to more people using their mobile devices for all kinds of e-commerce and general Internet browsing purposes, video media has become more sophisticated and powerful than ever before. Now that video content can be presented in search results, capitalizing upon it will continue to be a strengthening SBO strategy.




    Now that e-commerce has become even more finely interwoven into the average Internet user’s way of life, localization is even more important than it used to be. E-commerce websites that didn’t capitalize upon localization before will find an increasingly urgent need to do so in order to distinguish themselves from the competition.


    Increased social sharing


    Perhaps no SEO trend shift has been more apparent than in the increasing power of shareability. Social media has always been an SEO powerhouse, but in the current day, its prevalence has grown to unprecedented levels. The ROI from social media marketing has become more attractive in the current year than it ever has in the past, which has encouraged all different kinds of webmasters to integrate social media shareability into all pages of their websites.


    Mobile optimization is booming


    Gone are the days when webmasters could slide by on the bare minimum of Google’s mobile optimization metrics. Mobile optimization now demands that content publishers have nothing less than the most high-quality content and user navigation experience to offer for all of their mobile users.


    In comparison to the rise in desktop users, mobile users are growing at an even greater rate. The boom of mobile optimization is pushed even further by the increasing amount of mobile app optimization at the same time. Google is beginning to show a preference for content that has gone the extra mile in areas such as app streaming. Some experts predict that e-commerce websites might soon find its necessary to develop an app for their services just to stay in the running with the competition.



    The currently dominant SEO trends should serve as a fair warning to all who underestimate the extreme rate at which the playing field is shifting. These trends have affected and continue to affect SEO even more powerfully than many experts predicted, and the sooner that these changes are adjusted for, the better your potential ROI.


    About the Auhtor


    This article was written by the team at 360 Online Marketing, located in Boulder, CO. They specialize in SEO copywriting, web design and PPC advertising and have many years experience, collectively. So if you’re stuck or in a rut, reach out and give these professionals a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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