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  • Top 9 Key Features of Visual Studio 2017

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    Microsoft has officially launched Visual Studio 2017 on April 17, 2017. This release of Visual Studio contains almost a separate and lightweight installation. Microsoft has worked exceptionally hard with the latest 2017 version of visual studio.



    Key features 2017 Visual Studio 2017 are as follows:


    1) A Changed Installer: Microsoft has totally changed its installer. Being lightweight, it is easier to install. You can also update the feedback while installing/updating the visual studio 2017.


    Image of new installer is shown below:-



    If we know exactly what package or component we want then we can click on the individual component and select manually what we need.



    2) Faster: Visual Studio is faster than the previous versions of Visual Studio.


    3) Debug and Edit Application: By enabling Light Weight Solution load in visual studio 2017, you can easily debug and edit the application. If you don't want to wait for the solution to load all your projects.(We can enable Light Weight Solution Load from Tools --> Options --> Projects and Solutions). However, in the previous versions, we had to wait for them to load before we can start working with them. In Visual Studio 2017, none of the projects fully loads when we open the solution. They only load when we need them. The solution opens much faster and we don't have to wait as long to get started with a project.


    4) Visual Studio 2017 provides the error for the architectural dependency violation error while typing the code.


    5) Visual Studio 2017 has given the opportunity for live unit testing results while typing our code.


    6) Improved Search and Navigation: VS 2017 has improved its navigation like GoTo(Ctrl+F12)(Navigate from the base type to its implementation.) and GoToAll(Ctrl+T)(It will directly navigate to file/type/symbol declaration. We can filter the result list.). The GoToAll feature is powerful because it lets you find the occurrences of any word in a large project. This search will navigate through all the files and gives you the drop-down of all occurrences.


    This search not only looks for the content within the file but also for the path as shown in below image:-




    7) During debugging, we can easily skip ahead without setting a breakpoint to stop on the line. When code stop at one debugger point VS2017 give us option for "Run To Click" debugging feature at the line where you want to debug your code.


    A simple click on the icon("Run To Click") and the code will run at that line as shown in below image:-



    8) VS2017 has provided us a new exception helper. We can view our exception at a glance. The information presented in the exception is so compact still we can have an immediate access to the inner exception.9) VS2017 has made improvements in the IntelliSense, we don't need to scroll for the word as it will represent the exact match of the word you are typing.


    9) VS2017 has made improvements in the IntelliSense, we don't need to scroll for the word as it will represent the exact match of the word you are typing.


    How did you like the article, I have tried my level best to explain key features of Visual Studio 2017. However, if I have missed on something important, please feel free to discuss in the comment section below.



    Top 9 Key Features of Visual Studio 2017

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