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  • Top 6 Reason to Use Personal CRM

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    When it comes to growth, everyone has to think long-term, and forging relationships has been
    foundational to such a far-sighted type of strategy.

    Using a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) tool can help in nurturing today’s contacts to
    become tomorrow’s loyal customers. If you’re looking for an app that’ll help you keep track of
    your growing relationships and personal network, a personal CRM has got you covered.


    What is Personal CRM?


    Personal CRM is a set of tools that combine a calendar, an event manager, a day planner with
    reminders, a detailed address book, and a streamlined way for handling communications. All of
    these things get regular real-time updates. Other contact relationship management tools include
    trackers, sales campaign planners, trip planners, business card scanners, and even journal

    Some more advanced CRM systems exist, and large enterprises are mostly the ones that utilize
    them. However, they can be complicated, and, of course, expensive. The best CRM for
    is often an affordable and quick way for business professionals to expand networks,
    maintain solid relationships, manage workflows, and amp up the organization of daily

    One can utilize a personal CRM for industry gurus, marketers, suppliers, potential employees,
    co-workers, people they met at networking events, as well as friends and family.

    A personal CRM isn’t only about having quick access to the professional details of your
    contacts, including where they work and their role in their respective organizations. It also helps
    nurture connections so you can easily recall special occasions and their personal interests, like
    their favorite brand of wine for their work anniversary or birthday.

    The bottom line as to why you need a personal CRM when expanding your network, growing
    your business
    , or doing outreach is that many of the personal contacts you’ll obtain along the
    way will have a good potential to develop into something beneficial for your career. An excellent
    example, of course, are those that develop into a propitious business relation.

    Who Needs Personal CRM?


    Do you have a large box of business cards you got from different workshops, meetings, and
    conferences? Chances are, you have one. But, the problem is that you don’t exactly remember
    what you’ve talked about with each of these individuals.

    Perhaps, you don’t have the luxury of time to interact with every person, or you regularly miss
    important events. It could also be that you run a business, and you want to build your network for
    your marketing needs or the overall development of your business.

    If you’ve recognized yourself in any of the situations above, then that means you need a personal
    contact relationship system tool to keep all your contacts organized.

    A personal CRM app aims to help you develop close and authentic relationships by simplifying
    digital communication. Well-timed communications go a long way in showing your friends,

    associates, colleagues, and customers that you care, which is something crucial to your success.

    What Are The Features Of A Personal CRM?

    Though personal CRM is closely similar to CRM tools that focus more on customer relationship
    management, it’s specially made for individuals. So, some of its features might differ from the

    Below are some of the essential features of a personal CRM tool.


    Social Media Profiles: Adding social media pages to the details of each person in your
    contact list is possible using personal CRM. It, of course, allows you to reach them
    through different channels.

    Arrange Emails: A personal CRM tool user also has the option to import contacts for Outlook and Gmail to their CRM system. They can also merge duplicates or add work/personal email addresses to the same contact.

    Take Notes: Taking note of the favorite place to meet, food preferences, and any other essential personal details are also possible with personal CRM. As previously mentioned, it shows your professional and personal relationships that you care about them.

    Attach Calendars: You can also attach calendars to your personal CRM tool so you’ll easily see all upcoming important events and tasks in one place. That way, you wouldn’t miss anything.

    Create Follow-ups: Staying in touch with all your contacts by sending them follow-ups from time to time is also possible when using personal CRM. It’ll also allow you to create templates that’ll help you save more of your time.

    Set up Reminders: If you keep them in your personal CRM, you won’t miss professional holidays, birthdays, or any other important dates. You can even set recurring reminders to make sure that you can keep up with your routine tasks.

    Scheduled Meetings: Your personal CRM will turn into a personal assistant when you connect it to a calendar. It’ll always be aware of each meeting you have, and it’ll also send you reminders in advance.

    Reasons To Use Personal CRM

    1. Centralize All Contact Information - When you use personal CRM, you can have all
    the information about your personal contacts and business partners stored and organized
    in one place. It would be beneficial unless you have an extraordinary memory that can
    remember every single detail regarding your contacts.

    2. Use A Single Account For Communication - Along with the different communication
    channels that you can use with a person, all the data that’s usually scattered across social
    media accounts and emails can be organized in a single account.

    3. Organize Contacts According To Specific Details - By using a personal CRM tool, you
    can organize all your contacts according to specific details. The parameters can be the
    places you met them, their location, the industry they currently work in, their job
    position, or any other information that you may find relevant.

    4. Add Tags To Contacts - Another good thing about personal CRMs is that it gives you
    the option to add tags to the people in your contact list so it would be easier for you to
    separate your personal connections from the professional ones. You can group people
    according to different criteria, or anything that you find helpful.

    5. Add Personal Interest - You can also add personal interests to help you identify the
    people in your contact list that share the same hobby with you or those that you have
    overlapping interests with. Adding personal interests goes a long way if you’re going to
    organize business events or even a party.

    6. Save Time - A personal CRM tool will allow you to only spend little time on tasks, like
    filling in details of new contacts and adding tags and filters for sorting in the future. You
    can’t only save time but also enhance the quality of your personal and business

    Final Thoughts

    There’s a great need for a personal CRM app among sales managers, HR managers, business
    owners, entrepreneurs, journalists, specialists, and any other professional who regularly meet
    new people. Personal CRM is a special tool for managing not only personal connections but also
    business relationships in a simple but effective way.

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