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  • Top 5 Tech Trends Shaping the Business World in 2017

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    Businesses have always been influenced by outside forces. The most influential of these is technology because it disrupts every aspect of handling a business - from consumers to the CEOs themselves. In many ways, technological advancements are making life easier for everyone, and the opportunities more abundant. However, the downside will always be that while new jobs are being created, old ones are becoming obsolete.


    New technology isn’t only going to change businesses – it’s also going to make a difference in terms of what consumers can expect from a company they trust.



    Augmented and virtual reality


    Augmented and virtual reality devices have been around for a while, but they weren’t really ready to be seriously used for business purposes. The technology seemed too gimmicky and there were too many devices needed for them to work. However, recently, there has been a significant improvement in this field and new opportunities are presenting themselves each day.


    The most immediate implementation of this technology will probably be in advertising, allowing a user to experience a product more personally before they buy it. The biggest impact, on the other hand, will be in the way it’s used to train and teach the employees without the fear of failure or accidents.


    On-demand shopping


    It started years ago with online shopping, but it came to its current form with the popularization of apps and Uber. At this point, users pretty much expect to be able to get the product with a tap on the phone screen. The biggest concerns for businesses offering this type of service are related to security. Every user needs to be assured that their personal information will be safe from both hackers and the company itself.

    Business intelligence


    Big data is one of those terms that’s on everyone’s mind but only few know what it actually is and how far it can go. It refers to all data that both users and companies create and leave online. The businesses could use this data to make their organization more effective and their marketing campaigns better suited to the needs of the consumers.


    At the same time, the amount of data makes it hard for businesses to grasp its meaning. That’s why the companies like Panorama allow you to present the data visually and share them across the company in a simple and functional way.




    Automation is going to make the production much faster, safer, and therefore less expensive. It’s already happening in a lot of industries starting with those in which production is very dangerous. However, it won’t stop there. Transportation could also be automated and this goes beyond self-driving cars.


    In the same time, the businesses that no one thought could be taken over by the machines will also be affected by automation. For instance, customer services could be done more efficiently and more cost-effective if there are no humans involved.


    Cloud-based computing


    The amount of data businesses need to keep track of increases on daily basis. This means that data management and conservation is going to shift from hard drives to the cloud. It’s more convenient and it is bulletproof when it comes to power outages and other technical problems. Big data also provides opportunities for a smoother collaboration regardless of whether a business has a physical office or not. The management is also less expensive and more productive since the higher-ups are able to track and review the work instantaneously.


    Technology and business are inseparable; the changes in one affect the other. In the future, businesses will probably rally on tech more than they do now which will change business practices.

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