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  • Top 5 SEO Keyword Research and Analysis Tools

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    With so much competition vying for attention, especially when it comes to search rank, you need to take extra care.


    Nowadays, SEO(Search engine optimization) is a vital part of any Digital marketing campaign. And we all know, the first and the most crucial step of any SEO campaign is its keyword analysis.  

    Choosing a right keyword can make or break your whole SEO campaign. In keyword analysis, you explore statistics not only about some particular keywords but about demands and needs of your clients and their prospective users. Keyword analysis is not just for getting traffic from organic or paid search but we can also try get right kind of visitor who can avail services and products from our clients.


    Always make sure that you take advices, tips and other vital inputs from the owner of website because he/she definitely know his customers better than you do. These inputs can play a vital role in SEO campaign. Without the use of tools/weapons no one can win battles/successful campaign.


    So, Let's Begin with list of some vital SEO Keyword Research and Analysis Tools


    • Google Keyword Planner:

    The online tool Google Keyword Planner(GKP) is from the tech giant Google itself, so we should take advantage of this tool. It is totally free online tool for advertisers and search campaigners. You can multiply the list of various targeted keywords and make it consolidated in Ad group ideas and check their probable performance.

    Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool for both new and experienced advertisers. You can search for keyword and ad group ideas, and then see how the list of keywords perform. A user can even create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists of keywords together. It also gives us a fair idea about budgets and bids of our new running or existing SEO campaign. Keyword Planner can also help you to choose competitive bids and budgets for your SEO campaigns.

    • Google Trends:

    Google Trends is another very important keywords research online tool. With the help of Google Trend, one can know about the popularity of a particular keyword as compared to the other keywords. Always check your keywords here to minimize the possibilities of targeting a dying keyword. It doesn't show exact search volume but it can show people's interest over time.



    • online tool is the alternative to Google Keyword Planner(GKP) and some other major keyword research tools like Bing Webmaster Tools, soovle etc. With the help of this tool, you can easily find out the taste of your audiences or what they are looking for. It  also tell us what people are typing  into the major search engines boxes.




    It is a free online tool that can connect to your Google Adwords and give an effective results. One of greatest feature of this tool is its “Keyword Niche Finder” which consolidate the bunch of good keywords together.



    Image courtsey:

    • Seed Keywords

    Last but not the least ! Seed Keywords.
    In this tool, you can create a scenario and ask the people to answers according to that scenario. If you like to input answers more than one time, you can do that. It is the most efficient tool to know what people are actually typing in the search engine box for a particular query.

    For example, I have created a scenario for “How you search web design company in India”  where anyone can suggest their input query.




    The keyword research and analysis indeed is a first and the most vital step in any SEO campaign. We all know the importance of online tools and web apps in any SEO campaign. With the use of these above tools, one can easily target an effective organic traffic to the website. If you have any query or suggestion, please do submit it in the comment box below.

 2 Comment(s)

  • Hey. Interesting list, I'll try some of these tools. 
    I already use some of them btw, and I use it in compilation with SerpStat. But u haven't named it. 
    So I wonder what you think of it? it shows keyword volume and domain visibility for its ranking keywords so you can compare your site with other sites - very useful 
  • Hey! Interesting list, I'll try some of these tools. 
    I already use some of them btw, and I use it in compilation with SerpStat, but you haven't named it.
    so I wonder what you think of it?  it shows keyword volume and domain visibility for its ranking keywords so you can compare your site with others
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