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  • Top 10 Questions Often Asked in SEO interview

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    Many times, you face a situation when you have to face interviews and try to find some interesting SEO questions to brush up your knowledge. I personally faced this situation many times before. When we already know so many things, it’s always better to revise before going for an SEO interview. And what is better than frequently asked important questions in SEO interviews:


    So, I have come up with the list of important interview questions and answers:

    So, what are we waiting for. Let's begin the show:

    1 – What do you think about SEO? It would be ideal if you describe it in your words?

    Answer – SEO implies website improvement and it is the procedure of improving rank of your website pages in search engine result Page(SERP).


    2 – What are types of SEO Optimization?

    Answer – It is of basically two types:

    A – On page Optimization

    B – Off page Optimization or external link building technique


    3 – What are SEO activities? Tell some activities you will do if I would allot you a new website project?

    Answer – I will perform all the must-do activities like:

    A – Keyword research: I will find some good keywords that have low competition and high traffic.

    B – Second, I will do On-page optimization. I will make sure the web pages are search friendly.

    C – Link Building: Link building is very important and part of off-Page optimization. Here, we will develop some high quality backlinks

    D – Social Media Optimization(SMO): In this, we will do some social media optimization which in turn enhances our social signals and gets your site social media traffic.


    4 – How keyword research will be done? And what the tools you would use?

    Answer – I will use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research and also we use filter available in the keyword planner like choosing a particular country.




    5 – What are the important On-page optimization activities?

    Answer – There are various type of onpage activities explained below.


    A – Title Tags: Always use targeted keywords in title meta tag of a webpage

    B – Heading Tag: Make  sure to use targeted keywords in H1 / H2 tags

    C– Highlight keywords in Bold / Italic / Underlined, but don’t overuse it..


    6 – Which are latest Link building methods?


    A– Guest Posting

    B– Forum Posting

    C– Press Release submission

    D– Article submission

    E-Nice  Blog commenting


    7 – How to gauge the quality of backlinks which you will create?

    Answer – We can check the Domain Authority(DA), Page Authority(PA),  of a website that is related to our niche, anchor linking text and dofollow or nofollow link.


    8 – What is the difference between dofollow and nofollow links>

    Answer – Dofollow means that link from particular website passes link juice to your website and nofollow means it doesn’t pass link juice to you. Both are important, but we have maintained their ratio for doing natural link building.



    9 – How to check red flagged or penalized websites?

    Answer – On searching a website with just it name, if the website appears in search engine result page, then it's not penalized or banned. If we don’t find it, then it may be penalized or banned.


    10 – What is the way to protect a website from getting penalized or red flagged?

    Answer –

    A– Avoid creating unnatural links

    B– Never build backlinks of low quality and spammy websites.

    C– Make sure you are not doing over optimization.

    D– Never indulge in Black hat SEO techniques


    Source: Guru99

    I hope this blog helps you in clearing your SEO interview and gets you better butter, not only in term of finance but also job satisfaction. If you have any query regarding SEO, just message or tweet me on @live_youngest.

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