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  • The Influence of Innovative Technologies and AI on Recruiting

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    Securing proper talent is always one of the biggest headaches that any HR department faces. The nightmare of recruiters begins right from the application process, through screening those resumes, creating a short-list and then narrowing that down to a potential final interview. Modern semantic searches and profiling are now going beyond keywords to provide matching solutions and in effect streamline and automate candidate sourcing. Through user feedback and complex data analytics, companies using AI can now leverage the value of resigning sourcing and screening to overly intelligent platforms to focus themselves on more important tasks such personality assessment and tactical placement. Express employment professionals work hand-in-hand with potential employees and recruiters to understand the benefits of such technologies.


    Artificial intelligence in recruitment


    The application of AI technology has the potential to save a single company hundreds of hours spent manually going through resumes. AI has a concept in itself which will typically go through different phases in its own growth i.e.


    • Perception: Understanding the surrounding and what’s happening
    • Notification: Learn from the environment
    • Suggestion: Intake an input recommendation
    • Automation: What is the next course of action?
    • Prediction: What will happen based on inputs?
    • Prevention: What not to do.
    • Situational awareness: Current action to be taken mitigated by all other constraints and learned behavior


    It is from these key tenets that most machine learning software base their operability. Thus, you’ll find most progressive technologies focusing on one or more of these aspects of the value chain. Here are five ways in which these technologies have shifted the recruitment landscape for the better:


    Sourcing is Just the Start

    The benefits of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment go beyond regular screening technologies that only focused on keywords. Artificial intelligence in recruitment will help the process by looking through online data that found on social media pages such as LinkedIn, online CVs and resumes and other career portals to match candidates to new job postings or just to create a database of potential future employees.


    Some of these Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, such as Ideal, uses AI for resume screening, tracking and maintaining a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) database and reaching out to these candidates. Beamery is also a great CRM system which also provides tracking and outreach tools, filtering online information from different media and filling in the gaps in candidate profiles. Arya is on one of the best tools for sourcing, scanning the web for potential candidates and going as far as predicting whether a candidate would be the right cultural fit for a company.


    Artificial Intelligence in Candidate Screening

    Screening is the hardest part of the recruitment, and could potentially take lots of time and millions of dollars yearly for a single company. Automating the process offers numerous advantages, a major one being to eliminate the hiring bias that comes with having a human recruiter screening resumes. With a human recruiter, such factors as gender, race, nation and educational background may influence or sway the hiring process. On the other hand, data based automated tools and resume screening software will bypass these human demerits and effectively reduce bias.


    With automated screening, expect to reduce the amount of time wasted in the recruitment process and effectively eliminate unqualified candidates instantly. Cyra assists in managing applications especially in high volume sectors and those in which candidates might have a diverse range of skill sets such as retail. Karen by Innosphere is more of a development company which also aims to target and match high volume applications for companies with over 10,000 employees. Mya is one of the more well-known automated tools for recruiting candidates, automating almost three-quarters of the hiring process. As a front-end communication tool, Mya chatbot also engages these talents and applicants can chat with it on its native sit or through other mainstream applications such as Facebook Messenger.


    Matching the Right Candidates

    Getting the strongest candidates from a wide applicant pool by using AI search algorithms to zero in on such factors as personality traits, location and salary preferences and other out-of-the-box skills is the next process. You not only want to hire great employees but the very best. EngageTalent offers great CRM and predictive tools to actively match candidates from a large live pool of potential employees (over 100 M) and also provides predictive availability tools. GoHire meshes different functions such as chat bots with pre-screening questions, routing to our company’s ATS and customizable entry questions. Hired helps companies make smarter matches and prides itself with “connecting the right people to the right companies.”


    Employee Engagement Cannot Be Understated

    Through engaging with potential employees, companies can know whether their AI tools are actually working. The best way to automate this process is to use chatbots, which allow users to either answer or field questions. Jane by Loka is one such example of a bot that allows employees to communicate with their HR departments actively. JobPal also puts job seekers and recruiters in direct communication, improving the recruitment experience and helping both sides understand the other’s needs.


    Trends and Analytics in the Job Market

    As we move into the future, the process will become fully automated. It is important for companies to stay ahead of the curve. Instead of someone doing a regular Google job search, in the future, AI platforms will be able to collate all your data from different platforms and initiate interaction to alert you on new opportunities and changes in your industry. Current AI may be limited in scope and functionality, but the future holds endless possibilities with deep learning as the new frontier of AI. Watson by IBM provides automated analytics and studies the growth curves of various factors in recruitment such as compensation. Symphony Talent is another provider of futuristic solutions which provides a candidate life-cycle programme based on an Omni experience (X) cloud that synthesizes, synchronizes and synergizes the entire recruitment process.

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