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  • The Best Tech Related Work-From-Home Job Opportunities

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    A lot of people today choose to stay at home and work. Mothers who need to take care of children to those who are planning to travel and bring work with them, these are just some individuals who usually opt to work at home. In the US, traffic congestion cost $305 billion in 2017. With work-at-home opportunities, imagine how much you could save in a year?


    On the part of companies, hiring freelancers is a good thing. It lessens the overhead cost of having a fully-operational office. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and you can communicate with each other. According to statistics, 1 in 12 US households today rely more than half of their income from freelance work. That's around 10 million people. How about people who work at home? Based on numbers in 2017, 8 million people in the US worked at home that year. Now, what are the best tech jobs that allow you to work from home?



    A lot of websites today need content. Content is an important aspect of digital marketing mainly because of the present Google algorithm. Without the right content, websites essentially don't rank. Now, as a copywriter, you shouldn't just know how to write. You also need to understand how to make use of keywords and how to convert readers into customers.


    There are other copywriters today who also established a career online by selling their own e-books or having their own website. This can be a great opportunity to generate passive income. You can get paid especially if you are already running a high-traffic website.


    Social Media Experts

    There are billions of social media accounts today across different platforms. For businesses, social media is an opportunity to reach their clients. A social media expert knows how companies can relate to their market. Social media experts can get paid on a weekly basis. Their responsibility includes curating content that will be posted on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


    Video Editor

    Video marketing has grown in popularity these days. In fact, YouTube channels have the chance to earn depending on the number of views that their video generates. This is the reason why having the ability to edit videos can be a profitable skill that can come in handy today.


    SEO specialist

    Another tech-related work that can be done at home is an SEO specialist. An SEO specialist is the one in charge of helping websites rank. An SEO expert is usually in charge of coming up with keywords plus the right approach in link building. A lot of SEO specialist also analyze the performance of keywords used by the website.


    Virtual Assistant

    Now, if you are intimidated to work at home because you are not too techy yourself, a virtual assistant position is a great opportunity that you can take. You will be in charge of answering emails, fixing a client's appointment, and many other responsibilities that don't really need a lot of experience or expertise in technology.


    Graphic Designer

    These days, you can work anywhere as a graphic designer. All you need to do is to showcase your portfolio and get clients online. Graphic designers have a wide variety of job opportunities including logo design to posters.


    Web designers and developers

    Web designers and developers are also in demand today. What makes this a great job is the fact that it also pays well. Also, different clients need different designs which mean that you will never get bored. The salaries for web designer professionals vary depending on the job. There are some clients that wish to have a bespoke website design that require more time to finish. Also, there are web designers that also work as developers. Working as backend developer tends to pay better than working as a front end designer.



    Fast internet connection and the World Wide Web has allowed people to build their careers in the comfort of their home. The good news is that you can also travel, plus as a freelancer, you can even earn more. But of course, most of these job opportunities require certain skills.


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