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  • Some Important Tips to write a Prefect Meta Description

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    As far as SEO is concerned, the Meta Description tag is always an important part of any website seo. Apart from the background parameters, the major search engine result page(SERP) mainly shows three things:

    • Title of a Website
    • Url / Link of the website and
    • Description of the website


    In this Blog, we are are discussing about the very important factor for moving up Website rank in Google SERPs, i.e Description of Website. if you want to know about other important On-Page SEO factors, you can visit my blog: How to Do a Perfect On-Page SEO of Your Website: Part 1


    Always Know Your limits:

    It is always good to know your limits. According to Great Albert Einstein, The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. So, the limit here implicates to not go beyond 155 characters. Actually, Google SERP doesnt deals Characters. It deals in pixel around 512 for Title and around 920 px for description.

    Below is the Given screenshot of FindNerds Android Developer Forum Page:

    Search Meta Description


    Displaying in Google SERP depends on many factors, but we can approximately have 155 characters limit for meta Description of website.


    Be Unique and to the point:

    All readers will hardly read your full meta description. They just scan a website page in Google SERP instead of fully reading it line by line. So, When writing a meta description of website, try to be short, attractive and to the point on conveying your web page message. An important point to note here is that never copy and paste same meta Description on all or most of the pages. Adopt different write ups for different pages.

    Never Forget your Keywords:

    Always remember your keywords. When someone asks a query, which closely matches your meta description, then Google presents the target keywords in bold. So, properly fit your preferred keywords in your meta description, since it is important to move up your websites rank in Google SERP.

    Write Call to action oriented description:

    Are selling services or making websites just meant for learning? Always use the call to action language, i.e tell the user what will he/she will miss if he/she not clicks the link. Learn iOS Programming at no cost. You may use words like Discover, Grab and Learn. It is free marketing copy of Ad at Google SERP, so make full use of it.

    Dont Make false commitment:

    Do not make a false commitment ever to a search user. Only make commitments that you can fulfill at later stages. For instance, if your website has paid content and also offers a trial version, don't tell the user that you have a free content website, since it only increases the bounce rate of your website, which is not good for any website.


    Whether you have professional website, like for shares trading or just for entertainment, the Meta Description plays a vital role in conversion of your site traffic, and then to sales. So, it should be write in such a manner that related user should feel encouraged to visit your Web Page.

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