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SEO Strategy for Domain Transfer
  • SEO Tip for Successful Domain Transition - Case Study

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    While working as an SEO specialist, I have encountered with domain transition process from old domain to new domain, which was one of the most exciting and challenging task for me. I was the only one who managed this complete transition starting from strategizing, suggesting implementations to the development team along with analyzing the impact after complete transition of domain.

    It was challenging because the client wanted us to retain the keyword ranking of some keywords which was performing well on major search engine like Google. As some of the SEO keywords are coming on top 3 position on page 1. Below I am sharing the complete transition process with a case study of SEO friendly domain transfer.

    Transition Process Step 1 :-

    • At initial stage we have transited some static web-pages from to in three different steps by applying 301 re-direct and checked all the indexed pages by searching on Google Search.

    • On analysing the webmaster report for GSL, it has been found that the Web-Pages have been regularly crawled and indexed after transition.

    • The number of visitors coming to is increasing consistently day by day.

    • The has started ranking on Googles first page for some keywords like Granite Management and Purdue Apartments for new domain.

    • After transition, the already indexed pages of Granite Mgmt will automatically redirect to correct respective page on GSL or will lead to 404 & will be redirected to GSL.

    Transition Process Step 2 :-

    • When URL links of new domain started showing on Googles index then apply 301 re-direct in .htaccess file for the main domain from to

    • Need to inform Google Webmaster for the Change of Domain by informing Google for the Change of Address for webmaster account.

    • Need to check the web pages, if they are properly redirected to new domain or not. (Should Not have 404 Errors)

    • After domain transition, generate sitemap.xml and submit it in Webmaster.

    • Need to give Fetch as Google request through webmaster for crawling & indexing.

    Case Study

    Before transitting the complete domain from to please see the following statistics which allow us to do the transition.

    What will happen with website page rank?

    A 301 redirect and a direct link pass the same amount of PageRank ( Link juice). There is no more dilution of PageRank with a 301 redirect when compared to using a normal link. (Maybe we can gain same page ranked if we post some quality content on top authority website related to same category) or we need to submit 2-3 press release about our new domain.

    Learn more at: Search Engine Land

    What will happen with website traffic?

    If we use 301 redirect then you will get the same traffic from the search engine if we dont lose any keywords. (We need to check all the page for 404 error, if some keywords shows that webpage link which is currently 404 then maybe we can lose the traffic)

    What will happen with my top keyword which are ranking on search engine?

    The top keywords position same for some time for old domain if we are able to modify maximum inbound links. But if we will lose inbound linking for any keyword then maybe we will drop keyword ranking. If we will able to serve same content as old website then we maybe not drops the keyword ranking.    


    Read this article if you need more help about proper 301 redirection at Elevated Search


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