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  • Parsing CSV file using php SplFileObject class.

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    The SplFileObject class provides an object oriented interface for a file.

    $file="upload_file.csv"; //file to parse


    1) Create SplFileObject class object to the csv file.

    $srcFile = new SplFileObject($file);

    2)Now loop till end of file found.

    while (!$srcFile->eof()) //eof() returns true if file is at EOF else false. 
            $data=$file->fgetcsv(); // gets a line from the csv file and returns an fields array. 

    Similarly for writing csv :

    $arr = array (
        array('1', '2', '3', '4'),
        array('5', '6', '7')
    $file = new SplFileObject('file.csv', 'w');
    foreach ($arr as $fields) {
        $file->fputcsv($fields); //this method works only in php 5.4 and above

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