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  • Machine Learning Upgradation with Mobile App Development

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    Various advancements in Technology arena made it possible to give shape to the various ideas of the developers. Based on the need and demand, various business and users expect certain kind of features, all which can be developed using machine learning. Perhaps, it is not that easy, but various businesses and/or services can be improvised as per the requirement using the latest technology.


    Of the various tech advancements, one of the hottest launch is Machine Learning. It is so special because of its wide applications in Web development, Mobile apps development and Software development.


    The various business and their services can reach to the people globally through mobile apps. So developing a suitable mobile app makes sounds appropriate. Owing to the amazing features of machine learning, mobile app developers are working on machine learning modules.


    Amazing Features of Machine Learning



    Machine learning with its following amazing features, is making its identity in software, mobile and web development. These features will also help in developing user-friendly services.

    • Deep Learning: The various issues of software programming or development can be easily resolved with the help of neuron skills, powered by machine learning.
    • Artificial Intelligence: This will allow the system to think and process like humans. The best part of artificial intelligence is that it makes various user-friendly services like visual perception, concerting process, voice recognition, speech recognition and many such easy, providing a human interface.
    • Machine Learning: By recognizing the patterns and inquiry process similar to humans, machine learning is becoming a perfect substitute for various activities
    • Neural Network: Multiple network node and artificial neuron networks can be implemented in the software or web app development using machine learning. It’s working simply as one neuron acting as input to process into the next neuron network.
    • Logistic Regression: A binomial modeling outcome can be achieved with multiple descriptive variables.
    • Linear Regression: The relationship between defined variables and single output can be signified using linear regression.


    Role of Machine learning in mobile development



    With the data regarding the process of development and self-learning, developers develop a human interface for providing the best of the best solutions. The main motto of machine learning implementation is to enhance user experience by eliminating unnecessary things in the software development. Now, let us understand the role of machine learning in mobile app development


    1. App Personalization

    User identification and understanding their needs is made easy with the help of machine learning technology. Also, app can be developed as per the user requirement. The app so developed will look like across the app world, as this technology helps to gather the information and provide the interface. Also, app personalization can be defined in aspects like affordable quality, targeted audience, user requirement, unique point requirement, content, source, data and such.  Developing the app using machine learning makes it possible to find the best approach with the help of which the solutions can be reliable, can have defined UI, User friendly service, better real time interface, and such.


    2. Item or Product Finding

    App can be made more optimized with the help of user-friendly services like app relevance and performance based services. This is possible when the user can find the item or product with easy searches. Using perceptual approach, description of FAQ’s, scripts, articles, smart answers, videos, and such can be processed with search basis.


    3. Product Recommendation and User Behavior

    The app patterns can be made more customized according to the user choices. Recommendation process based on search, location, gender, age, app uses can help developers to prompt invoice history, research behavior, purchasing methods per minute.


    4. Fast Control and Security

    Security features in the app can be achieved with the help of face sensor recognition process and fingerprinting process powered by AI of machine learning. With the help of Machine learning, one can also achieve features like automation, product tagging, wallet management, image identification, business intelligence process for enhanced security like 2 factor authentication bases.


    5. Prediction or Trending

    Weather forecasting services is made available on mobile apps via Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Other trending features which can be powered by ML are localizing features, picture gallery, filters, entertainment assists in making facial features, funny apps and such. ML can be applied to various other arenas like Property, real estate, virtual tour, AR and VR based relevant decisions.


    Expansion of Mobile App Development Using AI Services

    Tech trend advancements are powered by Machine learning and this is evident in mobile app development in deploying most innovative, unique and durable features like as follows

    -          ML forms a major component of AI

    -          Prediction analysis services of ML serves best for various forecasting services

    -          ML can enhance filtering app services and impart better security.


    ML can be used in mobile app development in easy imaging, OCR, Optical Character Recognition as these processes skip the original development algorithm variations and also ML is based on Natural Language Processing.


    Currently almost all the industries are using ML and its outcomes can be seen in the form of VR, AR, and AI. Example of Mobile apps which are powered by ML are Impromp Do, Netflix, Snapchat, Oval Money, Google Maps, Dango, Tinder.


    Leading Open-Source Technologies of Machine Learning


    Technologies which will empower the Mobile apps which are based on Machine learning are Torch, Apache Singa, Scikit Learn, Tensor Flow, ML pack, Theano, Caffe, Microsoft Congnitive Toolkit



    It is no doubt that with the help of Machine Learning, various mobile apps can be featured with latest personalized features. That’s why it is becoming one of the best technologies for ensuring stylist instant functionality and security.

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