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  • Local SEO Strategies that Every Businessman Should Know

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    Local SEO is vital if you want add your business to appear in local search results when users make inquiries about products and / or services which your company offers. Improving your position on the results of the search engines will allow you to increase the number of calls to your business and increase the number of customers to come to your door.


    Now a day due to the advance changes in Google and other Major search engines the importance of specifically local SEO has taken hike. When a user query about particular keyword at Google search engine and keywords contain specific location then definitely the Google give more preference to Local optimize sites.


    Local SEO

    Also the efficient search engine like Google gathered your location based on your cookies setting, IP address that you are using, preferences on setting page and other various factors.


    Claim your listing:

    First thing first, As Google is a largest search engine so it is vital to Add or claim your local business on Google.

    Steps for Add or claim your Business:

    1. Goto to Google Business Page.
    2. Now Search your Business by name and Location.
    3. If you are not able to find try for No, these are not my businesses or Ive correctly entered the business.
    4. Now you can desired correct and properly optimize details of your Business / Website
    5. After duly filling information, you can go to Submit Button

    Source: Google Help

    List other major Local Website:

    Google also track links from other good local listing websites like Yahoo local, yelp, and match with you G+ or Google Business Page and with your website contact page information and make some citation from that. If all the citation are matched and properly optimized than your site will rank higher in Google Local search. in addition to that G+ reviews and Pagerank and Domain Authority is also major factor.

    Take Full advantage of Social Media:

    Google search engine highly influenced by social character of user on G+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. When a user like, share , ReTweet or comment on your post, this action may give a clear social signal to search engine that there is relation between your business website and that socially active user. Like a user on G+ Like your post and not even visit profile of your competitor on social media. it is highly possible that the Google rank your website on searched query than that of your competitor.

    Placement of your keywords:

    Keywords are the backbone of your SEO campaign, So properly utilize the power of meta tags at your website like Meta Title, Meta Description, meta Keywords etc

    Always properly place some of target keywords in Google and other Local submission directory, with anchor links .


    Properly implementing some of the above mentioned tips and Tricks can really boost your Local search the sky high limit. We just have to understand our business more and at the same time act according to the user searching Trends.

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