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  • List of the Best Top Mobile Apps In 2020 - People are Crazy About

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    We all use several apps in our daily life. There are so many apps that you might get confused, which one is worth downloading and using. There are so many apps that solve the basic need of people. Choosing the right app for the right task is very important.


    There are so many points you should go through before downloading the apps. In this blog, we will talk about the details that make the app best for your mobile and make it more attractive and add striking features to your phone. Let’s have a look at some of the most useful mobile apps in the Android Market in the year 2020.


    Google Play:

    It is one of the most commonly used apps in daily routines and facilitates you in several ways. Google Play is amongst the best Android apps as it provides you with the facility of adding any type of card from the given lists of the banks.


    There are guaranteed awards for each of the transactions done by using Google Play. It also offers a great securing factor of the customer information as the actual card number is never shown. This app uses a virtual card number to secure the actual details of the customer. 


    Features of Google Play:

    • It provides you with the money transfer at any time you want.

    • Users of this app can receive and send money via audio.

    • The best ideal solution to all your payment of utility bills.

    • Several choices of payment and reward against each transaction.



    It is the ideal app that helps you to discover the restaurants near you to have your favorite meal to order online or dine in. you can explore the whole restaurant details such as menu, ambiance, and reviews about the food.


    Moreover, it can also guide you in directions to reach the restaurant. More exciting features include table reservations, takeaway, and discoveries. You can also avail of the special offers and discounts at restaurants using the Zomato app. 


    Features of Zomato:

    • Enables you with more ease in exploring pubs, restaurants, and cuisine based on location.

    • List of the places designed as per different categories.

    • You have the option of connecting with your friends and explore the place they are visiting.

    • Premium membership option with the Zomato Gold.


    Google Find My Device:

    This is amongst the best app that will help you in case your device is lost or stolen. If your device is missing, Google finds my device will help you find your device. The unique feature of this app is that it enables you to erase all the data from your device in case of missing. 


    Features of Google Find My Device:

    • Locate the location of your lost device.

    • You can track location from the iPhone or PC, the android device is not compulsory.

    • You can discover all the phones that are logged in with the same account.

    • Erase the data of your phone from any location.

    • Have the option of locking your phone of playing any sound to track it.



    It is one of the essential and useful Android apps and enables you to scan your documents with the help of the camera of your phone. The smart features of this app allow you to enhance the image and crop it to standard size and make the image quality better. It is a very helpful and supporting app for majorly the students as it can sync their documents to various Android phones.


    Features of CAM-SCANNER:

    • Enables you to scan multiple pages of documents with unique enhancing modes.

    • A scanned copy of documents is automatically cropped to standard size and is saved in the system.

    • Using this app, users can add tags and notes for search purposes.

    • Using this app, users can upload the files to cloud storage and wireless printing with Cloud print.



    Spotify is one of the best apps for Android phones and it allows you access to global music. You can enjoy your favorite music and can create the playlist of your loved tracks. It also has the built-in playlists as well to get started right away after downloading.


    Features of Spotify:

    • You can enjoy your favorite tracks and sounds of higher quality.

    • Restore a deleted playlist.

    • Explore all the tracks of your favorite artist.

    • Create a separate playlist according to your interest. 



    It is one of the best apps in the scenarios where you need to work in a group or team. It offers you simple and adjustable boards to make your project work in an organized manner. It rescues you from the hassle by using an email for the small projects.


    Meanwhile, the whole team will get informed about the progress of the project. It also enables you to add notes and tasks to other members of the team. 


    Features of TRELLO:

    • Organize your tasks by designing separate boards.

    • Divides the tasks of your project following up on the priorities of tasks.

    • Assign the dates for the completion and progress of your project.



    If you want an application that enables you to control other devices, then you must go for the best app for this purpose, TeamViewer. As per the record, it is being used on more than 1 billion devices.


    Features of TeamViewer:

    • You can control the touch and gestures.

    • The entire control of other devices will be in your hands.

    • The transfer of files can be done both ways.

    • Real-time video transmissions and sound.



    All of these mobile applications are very much effective and useful in several ways. These applications are most likely to take over the Android market in the year 2020 and will help you almost in every field of life.


    The use of these apps will surely lessen the human effort and will make the tasks more precise and reduce the time consumption as well. Don't miss the chance and plan for a better and comfortable life in 2020 using these apps. These apps will be simply available for your help and assistance on the Google play store.

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