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  • List of Top Seven iOS App Development Trends of 2019

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    1. HomeKit

    The smartphone pioneer is once again setting the standards, this time with a software framework. HomeKit is Apple’s attempt to provide its users a single-point control over all home appliances. With an increasing number of devices getting connected to apps, iOS app development providers should expect rising demand for apps that incorporate such capability or integrate with other such apps. 



    2. App Store Optimization

    It is not directly related to iOS app development, but crucial for your app business nonetheless. Developing a high-end application is only one side of the coin, strategizing its launch on the app store is a completely different story. Name, description, keywords, screenshots, and everything related to a presentation of an app on the app store has to exhibit exclusivity to stand out in the overcrowded market of over 2.1 million apps. 


    3. AR and VR

    Expect Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to be present in every list of influential factors for the future. As much as both are relevant to games and fun apps, AR and VR have immense scope in travel, tourism, lifestyle, fashion, real estate, automobile and a diverse range of other industries. As an iOS app development provider, your company needs to be equipped with all the possibilities simultaneously.


    4. Beacons

    Beacon technology has been here for quite some time and will continue to influence business in the future as well. Though retailers and marketers were the first ones to harness its advantage, the scope of this technology has expanded multifold with the rise of on-demand services.


    5. Core ML

    If Apple is serious about Machine Learning (ML), as should be the trend for iOS mobile app development companies. And the launch of Core ML, a complete API to facilitate machine learning, is more than evidence — it is Apple’s invitation to iOS app development companies to innovate and improve using machine learning.


    6. Evolving Development Toolkits 

    What’s common in CocoaPods, Jazzy, REST APIs, Swift, Testflight, and Xcode? All these are used in iOS app development, and they are continuously evolving. The range of development tools extends much beyond these few names, and new offerings keep adding up as well. Even slight passiveness can make any iOS developer lose command over these tools, which could be disastrous for the business.


    7. Fingerprint Sensing

    Fingerprint scanning capability of iOS is old news, but new scopes of leveraging the technology continue to emerge in the market. From using it for in-app security to maintaining user privacy, touch sensors can have diverse application. People’s rising concern regarding cyber threats and data breaches is bound to bring in the more iOS app development business.


    About the Author:

    The author works at HokuApps which is the fastest growing rapid application development platform that empowers organizations to develop innovative technology solutions incredibly fast. 

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