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  • List of Must Have SEO Software For Agencies

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    The logistics involved in mastering and maintaining a site’s performance on search engines can be overly overwhelming, especially if you are still new in the game. This shows you that it's not an easy thing running a website. In addition to this, finding the best SEO tools to use for your clients as an agency may also prove to be hard. This is because there are so many SEO software programs out there and not all will suit your business needs and requirements. Your best option would be keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the SEO world in order to beat the stiff competition in the hugely dynamic SEO industry.



    Considering the fact that there are dozens of SEO tools out there or more, finding the one that will suit your business needs and your client’s preferences can be an overwhelming task. But don't fret because, in this piece, we've lined up the top of the list tools to help in your marketing strategies as well as your services in the SEO agency business.



    Here is a list of must-have SEO software for agencies.

    1. Buzzstream

    Buzzstream offers you a wide range of functionalities that help to improve the domain searches and project management. It's an all-inclusive type of platform and best suited for research and email marketing. Using Buzzstream, you'll get to see what your competitors are publishing online as well as in monitoring the competition trends. This way, you are at a better angle to strategize and to stay on top of the food chain.


    Important Features


    • The ability to collect and analyze data on specific websites
    • The ability to analyze your competitor’s social media platforms
    • Easier analysis of competitor rankings

    2. SEOJET

    As an SEO expert, one of the most important things to include in your search optimization strategies is link building. But any experienced SEO agency will tell you that anchor text selection can be an overwhelming challenge. Thanks to today’s advanced online marketing technology, SEOJET comes to your rescue. It is an SEO backlink software that is built for digital marketing agencies and it helps you to determine which anchor text to use for every single page of your client’s site. It also helps minimize or even eliminate the need to manually track backlinks while making it super easy to order guest posts. You can also know what the top ranking competitor in your niche or industry is doing, enabling you to build a superior backlink profile using reliable data from search engines.

    3. Linkody

    As an expert agency, it goes without saying, that you know that link building is one of the most important strategies in SEO. Now, for the purpose of establishing links for your clients, or if the client is running a site that utilizes a number of backlinks within the content, then Linkody can be a great software. Remember that as the website owner, your client will want to know who links their website and the keywords they are using. Linkody can help you to ensure just this, while also helping you set up your SEO in such a way that the website can disapprove or disallow certain links your client may not like. On top of this, Linkody offers your website the option of generating reports to send to your list of clients. It’s a neat useful tool to use with link building.


    Important Features


    • Monitoring the backlinks
    • Disavowing links that affect your SEO
    • Helps you monitor the social sites shares
    • Connects automatically to Google Analytics and thus providing your site with more resources and data

    4. Google search console

    If your agency is looking for ways to monitor your client’s website performance on the web, then Google Search Console is the sure bet. The best thing about this SEO tool is that it is able to know in detail how the search engine reacts and views the target site. On top of this, this service provides you with important tools that are vital in all aspects of SEO. It's simple yet functional, allowing you to add and remove websites as you go.


    Important Features


    • Monitoring how Google views the agency site
    • Keeps the website updated on the specific keywords clients are using to trace the agency
    • Helps to track the backlinks
    • Alerts you of malware and viruses

    5. Moz Pro

    For a data-driven website, it's important to use the right SEO tools that support its complex nature. This is also the best when it comes to research and also when you want to know what the competitors are up to. In addition to this, Moz Pro has the ability to learn the difficulty of using certain keywords and how they might rank on the search engines. Moz Pro also offers you an extension of Chrome, meaning that you can also get helpful information from any other domain.


    Important Features


    • Allows your agency to research the competitiveness of the keywords
    • The ability to investigate competitors
    • Provides an on page optimization
    • Regular alerts on potential errors and threats

    6. SEMRush

    Now, for an engaging agency website, you want it to be fun-filled and easily accessible. SEMRush will help you to assess your client’s rankings as well as in making changes where need be. In addition to this, it also allows you to make comparisons with the competitive agency websites on a domain vs domain basis. This way, you are in total control and can better understand your website's traffic. The provision of instant organic traffic insights makes SEMRush a favorite among the SEO community.  


    Important Features


    • Backlinks audit and analysis
    • Position tracking
    • Provides you with the ideas to gain more organic traffic
    • Inbuilt competitive intelligence

    7. KWFinder

    For a long time now, the hardest thing in SEO has been the ability to finding long tail keywords with a  low level of competitiveness. Now, with KWFinder, the website is able to do exactly this and on top of it, run an analysis report on certain keywords. There's also the inclusion of a rank tracker tool that helps track your ranking and improvements on search engines. If that’s not enough, KWFinder also provides a ton of keyword ideas to help you rank your client’s site better and higher.


    Important Features


    • The ability to find long tail keywords
    • Ability to provide keyword suggestions
    • The ability to search keyword metrics
    • Simple yet Sleek design

    8. HubSpot’s Website Grader

    Now, if you are looking for a more straightforward SEO tool for your agency, then try out HubSpot’s Website Grader. It's easy to use, and it will only require you to enter a specific domain and then wait a few seconds for it to generate a report. With this report, the software is able to tell how the site performed on search engines. The best thing is that it separates the report from the scorecard. It's also important to mention certain key elements that make this tool a must-have for the SEO campaigns. This includes its mobile-friendly design as well as a heightened level of security.  HubSpot’s Website Grader is also ideal if you want to improve your website’s visibility.


    Important Features


    • The ability to analyze the website's performance
    • Generates recommendation on how to improve scores





    As earlier mentioned, running a website isn't a walk in the park and by now, most of your clients know that too. Solving the most complicated SEO problems is just the first part of it all. However, you want to be at the top of things if at all you want the best for your agency and your clients. The above tools will help you to achieve exactly that and more.

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