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  • List of Latest Data Entry Analytics Software for Business Growth

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    Data Entry Analysis software is designed to help with transcriptional analysis, interpretation of test, and much more. In short, it’s designed to help pull information relevant to your business from raw data that’s entered into the system. It saves time by managing huge amounts of data, making it much easier to research. All of the best data entry analysis software should have the following features:

    • It should provide tools for searching content.
    • It should provide coding tools.
    • It should give users the ability to link.
    • It should be easy to map and network information.
    • It should provide tools for querying, writing, and annotation.


    With that said, here are some of the latest, and best, software that meets all of those requirements.




    Nvivo is a text-based qualitative software designed for researching data where it's necessary to analyze text-heavy or multimedia information. It's designed only for non-numerical data so if you're looking for a software to crunch numbers, you should move further down this list. Here are a few of the features:

    • Allows users to quickly sort, arrange, and organize data.
    • Examine the relationships in data that has been put into the system.
    • Analyse data while linking, shaping, or modeling it.


    QDA Miner


    QDA Miner is developed by Provalis Research, and its primary purpose is to assist in managing data, coding, and analyzing. Pretty much every popular form of media can be imported into this system.

    • Cluster extraction.
    • Keyword analysis and retrieval.
    • Query-by-Example.
    • Allows coding by visualization or variables.
    • Time-tagging tools.




    Domo is a state-of-the-art business management platform that is extremely easy to use. In fact, it’s so easy that it would be one of my top picks for beginners. Whether your goal is to improve marketing by calculating your ROI or looking to optimise your production capacity, this is the perfect data research tool for you.

    • Connects to hundreds of different raw data sources.
    • Pull together all data into a single, convenient location.
    • Flexible data management right at your fingertips.


    Google Analytics


    Okay so this software isn't exactly new, but it's still one of the absolute best data research tools in the world. Google provides this free platform to help you analyze data from a lot of different points across your marketing campaign. Furthermore, Google Analytics 360 takes this to a whole new level.

    • Analyse data from hundreds of different access points.
    • Gain insight into customer habits by easily generating reports on actions they take.
    • Powerful tagging capabilities.
    • Cross-product integration that helps users gain powerful insights.\




    Apama is a streaming analytics software that allows users to data in real time. This software is perfect for users who want to detect complex patterns in real-time data. For example, if you sell membership packages to users then you can use Apama to monitor your subscribers in real-time to see how they act.

    • Apama is capable of handling 90 million events per second!
    • Stream analytics in real-time.
    • Automatically respond to events as programmed.


    Clearstory Data


    This software is designed for big amounts of data. As such, it’s the most expensive piece of software on this list. This platform is designed to automatically manage data entry in a way that makes it simple to pull reports from it.

    • Analyse and discover data from multiple sources like Hadoop and social media.
    • Match information from large amounts of data to one or more sets, as registered in the software.
    • Gather top-down signals from a user’s analysis.


    There is a lot of new data entry analytics software on the market today, with more solutions expected as the demand continues to grow. The ones on this list are those that have been proven to be successful. However, if you find one that you prefer then feel free to try it out!

    List of Latest Data Entry Analytics Software for Business Growth

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