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  • List of 5 Best Ways That Technology Can Improve The Workplace

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    In the 21st century, it is hard to escape any form of technology. This is also the case in the work sector. No matter the industry that you may work in, more than likely technology is being used on a daily basis. While some people may have negative opinions about technology in the work industry, it can actually be beneficial for helping employee productivity. Increased productivity can also increase company revenue.


    This article will give you 5 ways that technology can be used to improve company revenue, which is always a good thing for everyone involved.


    1. Using Group Chats


    According to many business websites, including using messenger apps such as whatsapp and groupme are great ways to increase productivity. These types of group chats can also save a company money. For example, the article from tinypulse indicated that miscommunication in a company can cost upwards of $420,000.


    While the email was invented for business of the past, it comes with too many problems for the 21st century business. For example, many people get so many emails that the urgent message you may have sent might not get even get answered until the end of the day. At times the person may not have even received the email. The group chat allows more people to get your message that you want to convey and can be seen simultaneously through the computer workplace. Learn more about 5 ways to make group chats the best place at work.


    When everyone knows what is going on, it gives the company more time to be more productive.


    2. Collaborations


    In the past, group collaborations at work could only take place when everyone was face to face. With the use of technology in many businesses, these collaborations can take place anytime and anyplace.


    Collaboration suites such as Google Docs, Google Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and the Microsoft suites can really help a company prepare for group presentations. These online collaboration suites allow employees to chat in an informal setting according to While many employees may be uncomfortable telling others their ideas in a traditional face to face setting, they may give out more than enough in an online business collaboration website.


    Collaborations also help reduce the time that employees need to prepare meetings. also goes on to say that 15% of a company’s time is used preparing for meetings when using a traditional method of preparation. By using online collaboration sites, this allows for employees’ time to go towards something more productive.


    3. Better Marketing


    Anyone that has ever worked in the hiring department at any company before the internet knows how time consuming it can be to go through each person’s application and then finally decide which candidate is the perfect one for the job. With the invention of online business software and online job advertising websites this time can be truly reduced.


    In addition to better hiring practices, online websites also allow people to network in a more productive way. said it best in an article by saying ‘ old school networking...inevitably collected lint in your pocket until they got lost in the washing machine.


    Also, having good corporate printing solutions helps with keeping up with data from all of the networking that companies must do today to remain relevant.


    4. Better Customer Service


    Anyone that knows anything about customer service knows that it can be one of the most tiring and stressful parts of running a business. While you want to give good customer service, it is hard to do in today’s industry without the use of some technology.


    Online computer software and databases allows those within the customer service industry to do their jobs not only efficiently, but at a faster rate.


    5. Social Media Boost


    Anyone who has not been living under a rock the past decade knows the impact social media has had on the world. This also includes any business. In order to keep your business out there in the consumer’s eye, one must keep a prominent social media profile. Whichever social media platform to use is up to each company, but keeping a good profile will more than likely attract more business and increase profits.


    This article should give anyone who is in the workplace good tips on how to use technology to their advantage. Technology is here to stay, and learning to become one with it can help any workplace in the long run.

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