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  • List of 10 Best Face Recognition Software for Android

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    Smartphones are the inevitable part of our daily chorus. The application we are using in it makes it more and, more useful for all of us. It will help you to grow in this digital world. In this article, you will come to know about the 10 best face recognition software which will enhance the feature of your android software. Here we go for it.


    #1. Find Face

    Have you ever imagine finding an unknown person by the photograph? If not, then you must start thinking so. It is possible to search the people on the different social media sites by using their picture. The find face app will allow you to recognize the face of the person which you have capture in your camera. It will aid you to find the name of the person. On the other hand, you may find it useful in some difficult conditions as well.


    #2. Face Lock

    You must be smart enough while using your android as many of the important stuff remain in our phone. Now, you will be no longer using the patterns to lock the screen or you need not to be remembering the password every time. The face lock will identify your face then, it will unlock it. Your face will be the security code for your smartphone. Try it to have experience of newer things for the lock of the screen.


    #3. True Key

    The true key app is similar to that of the face lock but it has some advanced feature which you may prefer to like it according to your need. It unlocks the certain apps for which you have set the true key app lock. Along with this, it will take you in that sites which you use often. It will direct you on the websites and, helps you for easy accessing of it.


    #4. Face detection Lock Screen

    The name of the app itself suggests the function of the application. The face detection will be done for the security of your phone as well as your precious data app by using your face. It will provide the lock against the app as well as the screen lock of your phone. Here, your dual purpose is served by single face detection lock screen. Have the dual advantage in the one application.


    #5. Sokrush

    The face recognition by the Sokrush is fun to have in your life. It is not going to protect your privacy but it will tell you how is your mood. The app will tell your mood, only you need to focus your face in the camera and, you will get to know how your mood is! So, be ready to take a mark from the Sokrush.


    #6. App Lock Face With Voice

    We have seen the different app to protect the privacy. Sometime, you may feel that face lock will not be reliable enough for the privacy protection. Here, is another way to protect your android smartphone with the face. In this application, you need to use your face along with your voice to unlock your privacy. So, it will definitely ensure you the safety. This dual input of the code will increase the reliability of the protection and, give you the tight security of the android system.


    #7. Face Match

    We have many people in our contact. There are lots of memories resides in our gallery which create nostalgia for us. The face match will work in a unique way. It will identify the face of the people from the gallery and, it will link to the social sites without any hard work of searching on it. Also, it will synchronize your contact in the proper manner. So, you are getting the advantage to manage your contact as well as on the social sites.


    #8. FaceR MobileID

    The facer mobileID is a 3D recognition application made for the android users. It works irrespective of the distance. The app will work for the distance of about 1 foot to 10 feet long. So, if you feel you require this kind of the app you must prefer it. It is independent of the distance for the recognition of your face.


    #9. Face Search HD

    Every individual on this earth surface is unique. Sometime, we used to compare ourselves with the celebrities. Now, you do not need to worry about it. If you have the face search HD in your android then, it will tell you your face manage to which celebrity on this Asia continent. This app will detect your face and, will tell you about which celebrity you look like. So, you can share your comparison with the celebrities on the social sites as well.


    #10. BetaFace Recognition

     Do you want to find your duplicate on this planet, and then beta face recognition will help you to find duplicate person in your life. Only you need to do is that upload your photograph in this app then, it will search the person like you in its database. You will really love this app and, you must try it who knows you may find the duplicate person on this planet.


    We do believe this top 10 best face recognition software for android will definitely help you. We have found it by considering maximum need of the people. Enjoy it and, connect with your friends, relatives and, family as well. Do check it for your android phones and, be a techno savy in this digital world.


    Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.  

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