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  • Kotlin Vs Java: Which is Better for Android App Development?

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    For a while now, the battle between Kotlin and Java in a bid to determine with the Best Android Development Services for mobile phones has continued though it is about to come to a halt now. While Java has been around for longer, Kotlin is relatively new, but you will be surprised at what it also has to offer. If you are still in a dilemma on which app you can best use for developing Android, then you have certainly come to the right place. Ensure you read on this article, and after getting the pros and cons of each, you will decide for yourself which one is the better option.


    In 2018, statistics reported that about 52.2% of online traffic in the world was generated through mobile phones. Today, consumers are more concerned with application convenience rather than smarter apps. Thus an app that is adept inefficient AI predicting of repetitive routine tasks as well as suggesting solutions to save time for their consumers will be a large business for the teams that can implement it in the right way.



    Since Java was first introduced, mobile app developers have been making use of it in the development of Android Apps. However, few people know that an Android application development company has officially adopted Kotlin as a better language for mobile development services. Android developers many a time are usually confused as to which programming language will acquire the scenario in the future, although Java is still a favorite for Android App development. It is considered the second most popular language after JavaScript.



    Kotlin was first introduced in 2011 by JetBrains company, which is also the originator of IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm as well as many other top IDEs. It obtained its name from Kotlin Island, and it was designed to be better than Java in every possible way. Kotlin sharing and app-cloud based services offered a higher level feature that is set like the Google Firebase.



    1. Basing on programming language


    Java is a widely used programming language which forms the basis of Android development. It is an object-oriented programing language that was developed by Microsystems and is currently owned by Oracle. Being a real old language, it does a whole lot more than develop applications. Therefore, if you know your Java well, you can have a lot of job opportunities. Java also lets one spread their wings wider.


    The main focus of Kotlin is to allow for mixed-language projects. It also introduces improved syntax and concise expressions and abstractions as well. Using Kotlin with Java for Android application development reduces excessive boilerplate code, which is excellent, which for Android developers.



    2. Basing on ease of accessibility


    Another primary objective for Kotlin has always been easy accessibility, although multi-platform programming is the only premise to a more innovative outlook: sharing code across all platforms. After the release of Kotlin 1.3, the improvements on Kotlin are advancing the multi-platform concept of multi-platform convenience. Moreover, Android developers can also use one integrated development environment, commonly referred to as (IDE) in their development with Kotlin across all platforms.


    Kotlin saw explosive growth in Android development since Google I/O 2017, and after it hosted KotlinConf only twice, the conference has turned into an institution n the developer community. The latest release makes mobile app scalability easily attainable by supporting the benefit of code reuse, which saves on time as well as effort for more challenging tasks.



    Kotlin also uses the compiler technology LLMV in the compilation of Kotlin sources into stand-alone binaries to enhance multiple operating systems as well as CPU architectures such as iOS, Linux, Mac, Web assembly and Windows.



    3. Ease of learning


    Java is quite easy to learn, as well as understand when compared to Kotlin. It also works well for naïve and cross-platform apps as well, and since Android itself is built on Java, there are numerous Java libraries to your aid. Moreover, Java has a vast open-source ecosystem, and applications developed using Java are often lighter and more compact, which results in a faster experience. However, Java is a type-heavy language; thus you write a lot more codes which increases the chances of bugs and errors it also requires a lot more memory when compared to other words which make it lower.


    Kotlin is a modern language that adds to the qualities of Java and aids in mobile development. The advantage of Kotlin as told by the Android development company that designed it is that you can always compile it to JavaScript and also interoperate it with Java. This allows developers to easily update the old apps from Java to Kotlin as well as carry on their past work in Java to Kotlin. It is faster to write with Kotlin as compared to 50 lines of Java coding, Kotlin only requires 1-2 lines. It has the much needed null in this type of system which was missing in Java. However, with Kotlin, there I a steep learning curve, and it also shows a slower compilations speed compared to Java.



    4. Ease of transition


    In all fairness, the high chances are that your team is mainly familiar with Java and thus switching the entire squad to Kotlin at once may be a bit of a shock. It is essential to do the transition slowly to Kotlin, which is the new official language, and due to its modern nature, it will eventually become widely adopted in the provision of development services for Android. However, Java will not stop being the popular language for a long time, and it is not likely to be replaced entirely.


    Final thoughts


    In conclusion, it is all about what you as an individual feel at ease with when it comes to the development of applications. Kotlin is the language of the future, and thus if you are already familiar with Java, it may be necessary as well to familiarize with this language and the more time you get to practice, the better you will get at it. If anything, Kotlin will introduce secure solutions that are common to programming headaches and also improve the Java ecosystem in general.

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