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  • Improve your Productivity: 5 Time Tracking Tips exclusively for Small Businesses

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    A small business owner needs to wear more than one hat. And, eventually, it may result in losing productivity in any one of those areas.


    This is why, at some point, you need to utilize a time tracker software to save yourself from exhaustion. 


    Wait a minute. A time tracker software for a team of five. Is it essential? Yes.


    Upgrading your productivity will free up your schedule and allows you to concentrate on business growth.


    Here are five-time tracking tips that specially concentrate on the pain points of your small business.


    Batch Tasking

    Instead of pulling all your attention either way about nagging tasks, you can batch similar jobs together.


    Suppose you need to reply to emails, follow up with a client, and answer comments on your social media profile- batch them together and knock them off at a stretch in 30 minutes. 


    Batch tasking can save you from losing momentum and get rid of multi-tasking.


    Duck out Half Work 

    As James Clear mentioned, the author of “Atomic Habits,” working intensely can be mixed with half work


    Imagine if you have an important project to complete within tomorrow and you’re constantly switching between social media and work. Can you complete the work on time? Absolutely no.


    This interruption can impede your work’s progress, and the intensity goes down.


    Using a time tracker software will effectively flash the “REAL” amount of time you utilize on each task.


    Start with Hard Tasks

    A to-do-list is a mix of both demanding and easy tasks. The human mind tends to do the easy one first to comfort ourselves. But, the truth is it is bait.


    As the day prolongs, you will get tired and ignore the challenging tasks or postpone them to the next day. This happens every day.


    To beat this procrastination, you need to start your day with difficult tasks first, which builds your business in the first place rather than the easy ones.


    It might be unacceptable, but it is smart to focus on the hard things first instead of pushing back and working on them at the end.


    Harvest, a time tracker software, offers the solution to prioritize and track your tasks instantly. It has progress tracking and workflow management tools to book a chunk of hard tasks and easy tasks separately.


    Follow up with Non-Urgent Tasks

    You might have heard of the famous Stephen Covey’s four quadrant system for enhancing your productivity. You can divide your work into important, not so important, urgent, and not so urgent.


    If you notice this quadrant system, it is clear that it is essential and not so urgent to be pushed behind the to-do-list.


    Even though essential and urgent tasks should be given priority and worked daily, it is vital to schedule time for “important and so urgent.” 


    These tasks are the core element of your small scale business. It is wise to allow at least 10-15 minutes every day to work on it. 


    Ultimately, as the day goes by, the to-do list shrinks down, and you will allocate more time to the not urgent tasks that impact your business.


    Automate and Outsource

    Doing nothing is better than a little bit of work done here and there. Often, repetitive tasks consume more time.


    To concentrate on other essential works, you need to automate it. Tasks like scheduling an appointment, reminder to an email, auto-responding, improvising your CRM can be done using a time tracker software like Jibble.


    On the flip side, you can outsource what you can't automate; like research findings, analytics report generation can be allotted to virtual assistants. Interestingly, they are inexpensive as well.




    Time is your existing asset; use it wisely on tasks that matter to your business. Are you convinced to use time tracker software? If yes, comment below which one is your first choice?

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