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  • How to set up WHM and cPanel on Amazon Intances?

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    WHM is used for linux web hosting environment.

    Step 1: Setup Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    • Select Services >> Networking >> VPC (VPC Dashboard)
    • Now click on Start VPC Wizard button.
    • Select VPC with a Single Public Subnet
    • Input your CIDR and Public Subnet

    Step 2: Create EC2 Instance

    Now go to EC2 instances section of AWS console and start creating new instance of your choice using following steps.

    • Select an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
    • Select an Instance Type
    • Configure Instance Details
    • Add Storage of your preferred size
    • Tag your Instance Name

    Step 3: Create Elastic IP

    Basically Elastic IP are public ip which is required to access instance from public network. To allocate a new elastic ip go to:

    • Go to VPC DashBoard
    • Select Option Elastic IPs
    • Click button Allocate New Address
    • Now click “Yes, Allocate” to confirm

    Step 4: Bind Elastic IP with Instance

    • Go to EC2 Dashboard
    • Select Elastic IPs link under “NETWORK and SECURITY” Section in sidebar
    • Select your elastic ip and Click “Associate Address”
    • Select You newly created instance and click Associate

    Step 5: Login to server and update

    •    Login to Server as root user using ssh keypair
    ssh -i server.pem root@

    Update all packages on your system using following commands:

    Ubuntu and Debian Systems: 
    $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
    Redhat and CentOS Systems: 
    # yum update

    Reboot instance:


    Step 6: Setup hostname


    For Ubuntu and Debian systems edit /etc/hostname and enter hostname there

    Now edit /etc/hosts for binding hostname with local system ip.

    Step 7: Install cPanel and WHM

    # cd /home
    # yum install wget
    # wget -N
    # sh latest

    Step 8: Open ports in security group

    Now open all inbound ports in AWS security group used in instance or open specific ports for inbound network listed in following article.

    Step 9: Access cPanel and WHM

    Congratulation’s your WHM & cPanel setup has been completed successfully. You can access WHM and cPanel using following urls.

    • WHM :
    • WHM with SSL :
    • cPanel :
    • cPanel with SSL :

    Thanks for reading the blog

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