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  • How to get the selected text from dropdown using jquery

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    Answer it

    "How to get the selected text from dropdown using jquery"

    While working in Asp.Net Application I got stuck in a following issue.
    This is the code I am using:

    <select class="form-control" id="new-account-prefix" name="newaccountprefix">
                                      <option disabled selected></option>
                                      <option value="mr">Mr.</option>
                                      <option value="ms">Ms.</option>
                                      <option value="mrs">Mrs.</option>
                                      <option value="dr">Dr.</option>

    This is my DropDown, I wan't to get the selected text in my .js file using jquery.
    For Example:
    If the user selects 'Mr.' I wan't the selected value (i.e 'Mr.') using jquery.

    Anybody have some idea, how to acheive this.... Thanks in Advance..!

 1 Answer(s)

  • Hi Mayank,
    You can get the selected text using following syntax.

    $("#yourdropdownid option:selected").text();

    Often people confuse between text and val. So the difference is: .text() gives you the selected text what you are seeing on the dropdown. .val() gives you the value part in of the "option" element.

    For Example:- If you write

     $("#new-account-prefix option:selected").text(); 

    you will get Mr.,Ms or whatever you select and see in the dropdown
    But if you write

    $("#new-account-prefix option:selected").val(); 

    you will get "mr","ms" etc as your result

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