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  • How to check a class method exist?

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    To check if the class method exists or not we use a function method_exists() in PHP. It check that the class method exist in the given object.



    As you have seen the syntax of method_exists() above, it includes two parameters:

    • $object is the object instance or class name
    • $method is the name of the function you want to check.

    For example:

    class ParentClass {
       function demo() { }
    class ChildClass extends ParentClass { }
    $p = new ParentClass();
    $c = new ChildClass();
    // all return true
    if(method_exists($p, 'demo')){
        echo "demo exist in parent";
        echo "demo does not exist in parent";

    Output of above script is as follows:

    demo exist in parent

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