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  • How to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign for Mobile Devices

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    People are constantly shifting away from desktops and focusing on their mobiles. Apparently, they check their private and marketing emails more often on their phones than on their desktops. So, email campaigns must be designed and created bearing this fact in mind. 



    This simple guide will explain how you can optimize your email campaigns for best results. 


    1. Keep the Email Simple and Use Readable Fonts 


    Considering the small screen size of mobile phones, concise organizing is especially important. Mobile subscribers are usually on-the-go while reading their emails, so you should focus on one topic with a concise message.


    • Avoid lengthy paragraphs and put important information at the beginning of the email. If you have several updates to deliver, try to get to the point quickly. You should use subheadings, paragraph breaks, and dividers if you need them to consume multiple ideas. This will provide them with clear outlining between topics.
    • Concentrate on functionality, keeping in mind the limited viewing window on mobiles. When it comes to the body of the email, you should use a font size of 13 points. If you use anything smaller, the email will be rearranged and ruin your planned layout. People don’t want to zoom in to read your email.
    • Readability is a key for mobile users, so avoid using some unique font designs that might be difficult to read. Instead, use an easy-to-read one. Your brand can stand out in other ways. Consider the font color against the background because many mobile users have their screen’s brightness turned down, thus contrasting colors will make the text easier to read.
    • The minimum header size should be 22 points, but a 30-point font would show up better. Keep your subject lines short and sweet. Don’t use more than 40 characters for the subject line to capture your subscribers’ interest. You must try to pique their curiosity before opening the email.


    2. Choose the Right Hosting Provider


    As part of their marketing strategy, many people are more focused on the external options, instead of internal ones. You can’t really create a good email marketing strategy if you don’t have a quality hosting provider for your website and your email. Your website is your “online face” that many people see. The same is true with the newsletter they receive daily, weekly or monthly. The web hosting provider is responsible for the speed of your website and whether the site will be mobile-friendly or not. This is why the choice of a web hosting provider is essential if you want to obtain good email marketing results.



    Private Blog Network, an expert on web hosting, has reviewed Easy Blog Networks. It’s important to find a service that is a reliable web hosting provider that can host not only your website, but your entire Private Blog Network. Safety and success are practically guaranteed.


    3. Choose the Photos Thoughtfully 


    You should consider replacing long text descriptions with an image. Emails have indeed become visual; however, you should also avoid stuffing your emails with many images. The aim of your images should be to support the message you want to get across. 


    Bear in mind that clients may block images from their emails to save data, meaning they will see a blank space instead of carefully selected images. Apple’s iOS displays the images by default, however, Android and other platforms turn off automatic display of photos. 


    That being said, it is essential to add alt text to show a description, so the user can get an idea of what type of image should be there. In this way, the recipient will still grasp the context of the email.


    To fully optimize the graphics you want to include, you must reduce the image size. Mobile devices load the images more slowly than laptops or desktops do, and given that users are unlikely to wait, huge images will eat into your click-through rates.


    The smartest way is to run the images through a file optimizer, then center them to be even on every device. The image’s size should not be more than 600px. It’s also a good idea to use JPG over PNG. 


    4. Make Your CTA Buttons Finger-Friendly


    Calls-to-action (CTAs) are especially significant for emails:

    • You don’t want users to only read the copy
    • You want them to read more
    • You want them to take action by clicking through
    • You want them to sign up for an opt-in
    • You want them to make a purchase


    Get users’ attention by positioning the offer at the beginning of the email, and repeat the CTA at the end. Use bulletproof buttons for CTAs since they are built using basic CSS and HTML. The button size should have enough space around it, so the subscriber clicks it easily with one thumb.


    5. Test


    If your email’s display doesn’t fit well with their screens, many recipients will be frustrated, and they will delete it before it even loads. Before scheduling and sending, test the email extensively on all types of devices, since different types of phones render emails differently. 


    This is easy when utilizing an email previewer such as Litmus. The best practices to keep in mind when testing are:

    • Use the images wisely
    • Balance images with text
    • Use alt text
    • Include a plain-text version


    You need to make sure everything is displaying exactly as you want it to be. Knowing the exact tactics to employ to your mobile email optimization efforts will help you create an error-free email campaign. You will get a responsive email, which is crucial in determining whether your audience will resume further down the conversion funnel. 


    Don’t forget that ensuring that your email is viewed efficiently and properly will give you the potential to keep growing your audience.

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